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There’s no denying that as an industry, businesses within Construction need to move to more efficient ways of working. Understanding Domestic Retrofit has become the talk of the town as the North East takes the lead in shaping our green credentials. Most recently through the assembling of the North East LEP Green Skills Consortium, of which I’m very proud to be a part of. This, combined with the launch of our new Route 2 Retrofit skills bootcamp has created a real ‘green buzz’ within the sector, and with businesses knocking at our door on a daily basis to find out more about what it takes to reimagine their workforce.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to take a boots-(or rather, heeled shoe)-on-the-ground approach to my work, and over recent weeks I’ve relished in the back to back meetings with local businesses to uncover how the transition to Net Zero specifically impacts them. As well as determining what solutions RE:geon Training can directly provide. One of the greatest observations I have taken during all of my discussions is that Retrofit is often portrayed, and even more alarmingly so, perceived, as a ‘one size fits all’ requirement, which frankly is not the case. Retrofit is not just a tick in the box for the lower level ‘do-er’s of your team. Far from it. Retrofit is a strategy. It’s an attitude and it’s also a mindset. It’s a top-level business diagnostic that everyone from your CEO and MD, right down to your senior leaders, middle management, and working groups all need to get to grips with. Sure, we won’t all need to embody the technical intricacies surrounding tasks like cavity wall extraction (although I may surprise you when I turn my hand to it next week when I join our Cohort down at Fortify), BUT understanding the role YOU play in the Retrofit Revolution, as part of your overall business strategy is arguably the greatest module my team and I can teach.

When speaking with businesses, we know that the main barriers to embracing Retrofit are:

  • A general lack of knowledge around what Retrofit is
  • A lack of understanding around how it affects them, and,
  • Unawareness of the needs to deliver on Retrofit – at varying levels within the business
  • All of which prevent accreditation from being obtained.

Helping you obtain your Level 2 Retrofit is not only where RE:geon Training can add real value to your operations. As your trusted partner and business consultant, we recognise that the journey to Retrofit can come from many roads and pathways. Because of the multifaceted nature of Retrofit and all that it encompasses. On one hand, it’s compliance and regulation. On the other, materials and methodologies. It’s advisory processing. It’s innovation. It’s a passion and above all it’s a genuine commitment. That’s why we invest considerable time and effort into analysing your business needs in order to design a tailored solution that allows you to embrace the full 360 that Retrofit has on offer. Not only getting you where you want to be, but putting you exactly where you NEED to be – to best serve your people and your planet.

A great way of looking at the bigger picture is to consider Retrofit as having three main pathways:

  • Working in Retrofit
  • Managing Retrofit
  • Role Specific Retrofit

While not exclusive, one of the main routes to Retrofit that’s gaining a lot of traction and success amongst our employer partners at the moment has been through the training and development of managers, supervisors and key decision makers within a business. Why? Surely, it’s the Role Specific ‘do’ers’ that need to be prioritised? You know… the installers? The trades people? The on the ground workers? Wrong….

What we have found is that by increasing the understanding from the top as your first port of call, we can create a clearer picture of who in your business needs to develop which skills. And from here, devising a solid action plan of how we’re going to do it. Your ‘do’ers’ (as we like to call them), are instrumental in the overall green transformation of your business, but before they undergo their upskilling, they need assurance that Retrofit has a complete buy-in from the entire business. Before learners even walk into our classroom, there needs to be a cultural shift and elevation in confidence within your business that these new ways of working are the future you have CHOSEN. Not just something that have been forced upon you in the form of Governmental targets. There needs to be a genuine believability, embracement and a passion that’s relayed at each touchpoint within your organisation that Retrofit is the RIGHT thing to do. In order to yield successful engagement, implementation and long-term results. Something my team at RE:geon know a great deal about, and have stacks of experience in.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you examples and key insights from each of the Retrofit pathways that we can deliver on, to enable you to better understand how they are being rolled out within the North East and which are most applicable to the nature of your business. When it comes to Retrofit, and the need to be green, knowledge is power. If I’m to commit to training an army in the Green Revolution, I need every business in my network on the eco-bus with me! So, please, if you do anything after reading this article, be prepared to stick around for the ride…

Keen to find out which pathway is right for you? There’s no need to wait…. You can book a call with me at any time to discuss. Check out my next availability here.

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