Are you a great leader?

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When you think about great leaders, who do you think of? …and what is it about them that makes them so special? 

It could be their calm, charismatic nature… their burning passion and desire to make a difference… or their uncompromisable trustworthiness.

Whatever stands out to you most, the qualities and traits of a great leader are oozing in abundance, some of which we will be exploring as you read on, but the biggest question on our lips right now is are YOU a GREAT leader?

The truth is we are all leaders in some way. 

Whether you’re running a company, heading up a department, captaining a sports team or parenting a family, you are all leaders in your own right. But how can you progress from being a good leader into a great one?

Well, with the right support, guidance and motivation, anyone can grow into a great leader. Many great leaders that you think of started out as average people — they just had to learn a) how to lead, and b) how to do it well.

The first step to becoming a great leader is to understand that leadership is more than a position or status. It’s not about being in charge that counts here, it’s about taking care of those within our charge and being someone worth following.

Ultimately, a leader’s purpose is to enable a company or group of people to achieve something, and the main difference between good and great leaders lies in how they handle this process:

Good leaders set goals. 

Great leaders come up with unique visions that are meaningful and inspire people.

Good leaders are optimistic about the future. 

Great leaders know how to cultivate optimism in others, instilling a culture of positivity and inclusion.

Good leaders see the bigger picture.

Great leaders see both the big picture and granular details, recognising that success is often found somewhere in the middle.

Good leaders work within the status quo. 

Great leaders work against it – exploring new ways of creating and delivering value.

Good leaders are always keen to better themselves

Great leaders recognise that to do this they need to invest in the development of their teams.

Particularly within the workplace it’s imperative that you transition from a good leader to a great leader with pace in order to retain the trust and respect of your team. By engaging and involving your team in every aspect the journey, they can grow and evolve with you. One of the best ways to do this is by enrolling them onto our Lean Management Course.  

This qualification is a powerful resource for any learner because it aims to enhance your own effectiveness, streamline your team’s operations and boost overall business performance. Lean Management techniques can be applied to all industries and sectors, so it really is a great starting point for everyone. To find out more, simply click here [insert link].

But why stop there? We’ve got hundreds of CPD courses ready and waiting for you to tap into to help enrich your leadership skills and grow the next generation of great leaders around you. Browse here: [insert link]

Remember: people can’t always choose their manager, but they can decide who to follow.  

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