Completing our latest Route 2 Retrofit with Isoler

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It’s a hive of activity here at RE:geon Training as we have been working with several local employer partners to deliver our NEW Route 2 Retrofit Skills Bootcamp. Last week we celebrated Cohorts 5 and 6 completing their course in collaboration with Isoler. For those who haven’t heard of the Route 2 Retrofit, this bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to improve our learner’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding Domestic Retrofit as well as helping them to navigate the right career pathway for them! 

You will have heard us mention Retrofit before, but if not… here’s everything you need to know!

The UK NEEDS to reduce its CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050!!! Over a quarter of current emissions are attributed to the 26 million homes throughout the UK. Approximately 80% of the homes we live in today will still be in use in 2050. So the challenge is how we get there. We need to have a plan for tackling the 26 million homes that aren’t CO2 friendly now and how we keep that going towards 2050.

Retrofit relates to the refurbishment of an existing building that aims to reduce the carbon emissions and environmental impact of the building. This includes, but is not limited to, improving the energy efficiency of the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and other mechanical systems, increasing the quality of insulation in the building envelope, implementing sustainable energy generation, and aiming to improve occupant comfort and health.

Now, as you can imagine, it takes a green army to manage and execute construction retrofit projects in the social housing sector. So let’s get into the specifics of the Route 2 Retrofit Programme…

The Route 2 Retrofit is here to enhance and develop learner’s existing skill sets by better preparing them for their future! The programme has been designed specifically for individuals aged 19+ who are already employed and in the job market. But, could benefit from specific training to boost their employability and progress them up the career ladder as well as helping them to contribute towards their employer’s sustainability targets.

So, who is Isoler?

Isoler are providers of a comprehensive range of building integrity services to the public sector and the construction industry in the North of England.

They believe heavily in retaining good employees and pride themselves on being able to offer opportunities for upskilling and progression while aiming to have a limited client base of like minded clients who strive to make quality their key goal when delivering a project.

What did Cohort 5&6 do during the programme and how did we deliver the training?

We gave candidates a mix of classroom training and onsite work experience on live Retrofit projects with Isoler over the course of several weeks. This was in order to provide the learners with a clear understanding of what Domestic Retrofit is and why it is becoming SUPER important to the industry! 

The programme included a Retrofit Qualification, Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction Environment, and a wide range of added value from the bespoke modules we designed with Isoler to make it 100% unique. We call this our Employer-led approach. As part of our collaboration with businesses like Isoler, we tune into the culture and values of Isoler to devise bespoke modules that reflect who they are, what they stand for, all to help with Isoler’s current hiring needs and future ambitions! The learner therefore had a better understanding of Isoler’s business by having direct training which has been tailored by RE:geon and Isoler. 

Why do we take an employer-led approach? Well because the results are always far greater!

During the entirety of the Route 2 Retrofit programme, our learners have gained a multitude of skills and unrivalled experience working in Domestic Retrofit, something that they will carry for their entire career. They’ve had exposure to key figures within the construction world, and are now equipped with the tools and know-how to help lead the way in the Green Revolution.

As a result of their efforts, we are delighted to confirm that Sam Shaw, Anthony O Connor, Harrison Mangenie and Lee McGlasson have accepted positions with Isoler as Firestoppers, and Mark Pearson as a Joiner. Congratulations lads!

We’d like to thank Isoler, as well as our amazing trainers for delivering yet another successful course. But our biggest thanks goes out to our dedicated learners. Our cohort put 110% effort into the programme and we can’t wait to find out what happens in their career journeys next.

We asked Contracts Manager, Paul Watkins to share with us his views after working with RE:geon on the Route 2 Retrofit programme. Here is what he had to say:

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