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Why becoming an “Advisor” of Retrofit holds the key to driving positive change for the construction industry.

We humans are creatures of habit. We like our routines. We all take the same route to work every day. We like our coffee a certain way and more often than not, we like it from a certain place (Greggs if you’re near our office!!)… we like predictability and we love stability. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s in built in our DNA.

We change when—and only when—we are encouraged to by circumstances or when we have developed a desire to, because we believe the change will address a need and unlock a higher good.

Understanding human behaviour and what motivates us to go through the process (and pain) of change is critical to developing your capacity to lead change within your department and wider organisation.

Before we can begin to embrace change, we have to understand that there is a need for change. We need to understand the problems that the status quo present and that maintaining the status quo is no longer an option. We have to be motivated to act and break through our propensity to go further than we’ve ever gone before.

I’ve spoken many times about coping with change, as RE:geon Training has seen more change in the last 6 months than some businesses do in a lifetime. From a rebrand, to a restructure, office moves and sky-high expansion plans, we’re conquering each phase of change one by one.

So why should the embracement of Retrofit be tret any differently?

Last week I emphasized the need for the construction industry to get behind Retrofit. Moving it away from a tick in the box exercise for the Tradespeople of your business to ensure that it’s a vision seen through the eyes of everyone in the business to yield the greatest results on the race to net zero.

Whether the end game be to award yourself the capacity of securing more client contracts, expanding into new services areas or simply upskilling your staff to aid in their own career progression, Retrofit is a change to be welcomed – not feared. This week I want to delve a little deeper into understanding exactly WHO needs to be taking this responsibility on. But first let’s recap the Routes to Retrofit.

There are 4 distinct routes to take when getting upskilled in retrofit for the construction industry:

  1. Advisors – Teams that support the construction industry: Office staff, Customer Service, Educators, Sales, and Marketing Teams etc.
  2. Managers – MDs, C-Suite Executives, Site Managers, PMs, QS etc.
  3. Installers and Tradespeople – Dry liners, Insulation Techs, Painters and Decorators, Bricklayers, Joiners, Plumbers, Electricians etc.
  4. Role Specific – Retrofit Coordinator and Retrofit Assessor *Required Prerequisites*

This week I’ll be focusing on the Advisor route.

So, in your business who should be an Advisor of Retrofit? Is it the CEO of your company? The MD? Senior Management? Middle Management? Let’s pinpoint, where should your Retrofit journey officially begin…

From my experience of delivering several retrofit pathways to employers across the region in the last 2 months, Advisors are where it all starts, EVERYONE in a construction business will benefit from all employees having the same baseline understanding of why retrofit is here and what we need to do together to achieve our Net zero targets. The advisor modules are at the beginning of all of our retrofit pathways, and whether you’re looking to be a Retrofit Installer, Manager, or you are the key decision maker in the business, all are perfect candidates to become Advisors on Pathway 1 of our Route 2 Retrofit programme.

Being an advisor is one of those unsung hero roles. Sure, you won’t have all of the technical knowledge to execute retrofit on a daily basis but you will underpin the entire retrofit operation. Why? By qualifying as an advisor of retrofit you could be responsible for educating your customers, clients and communities on the purpose of retrofit and the processes. Or you will be able to confidently provide Information Advice and Guidance on Retrofit careers, and the different opportunities that are going to be in HUGE demand!

In essence, you’ll become the backbone to inspiring positive behavioural change, instilling confidence in the new green movement and effectively signposting the right people into the right retrofit roles.

In its simplest form, all routes to retrofit at a minimum need to understand and be able to clearly articulate the WHAT and the WHY of Domestic Retrofit.

Tell me, how many can you confidently answer right now…

  • What is the definition of retrofit?
  • What purpose does retrofit serve?
  • What challenges does it address?
  • Why is this important to the construction industry and UK housing?
  • Why is this important to YOUR business specifically? Aligning your vision, mission and values.

Through Pathway 1 of our Route 2 Retrofit Bootcamp, we’ll support all Advisors in being able to explore and answer these questions. We’ll also provide modules in Climate Change and how to reduce your carbon footprint. A fantastic baseline to kickstart your Net Zero journey and the Retrofit evolution.

The bottom line is:

Advisors can be any role within your business, we have seen first-hand that they work effectively when executed at any level.

By taking on this training yourself, you should also be able to identify other roles within your organisation that would benefit from the baseline knowledge of retrofit.

This could include anyone working in a customer service, office staff or a process role. These individuals are those that are likely to engage with or advise on Retrofit. Here are some examples:

  • Office Staff
  • Career Advisors
  • Learner Engagement Officers
  • Resident Liaison Officers
  • Customer Experience Coordinators
  • Educators
  • Call Centre Workers
  • Sales Personnel…. the list really does go on!

We need more people training into these advisor roles so we can educate and transform the construction industry to reach out Net Zero targets.

If you’d like to find out more about the Advisor Pathway, and why this is the perfect solution to overcoming the ‘pain of change’ within your business – moving the embracement of retrofit to a place of growth – rather than uncertainty – then please send me a message. I would love to share the insights and learnings that I have gathered from my network of employers.  

We are in the Green Revolution together. Transparency, openness and offering genuine support to one another is what will continue to keep us ahead of the Retrofit curve as a region. I am proud of what we have achieved within the North East so far, but we can go so much further. I am on a mission to unite our industry like never before when it comes to overcoming the challenges and optimising the opportunities within green growth. I have a very exciting announcement coming soon which I believe will bring us one step closer to this vision.

“Bee” prepared….. 🙂

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