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Why becoming a Manager of Retrofit is essential to future-proofing your career in Construction.

You can have a management career in any industry but have you considered the benefits that Retrofit can bring to your CV?

When it comes to a career in management, there are many different levels you can explore. Managing Directors are responsible for a whole business. Department managers are in charge of a specific group within the business. Line managers oversee one or multiple team members hired by a business, and Project Managers take the lead on keeping a certain piece of work on track and in budget. Regardless of which management level you aspire towards, being a manager is an incredibly important role.

What Skills Do Managers Need?

All managers need good organisation, planning, teamwork and communication skills. We often call these soft skills. When managing a group of people, soft skills tend to be more important than any technical skills because you’re responsible for leading, motivating, and encouraging a team of people. In fact, managers with great soft skills can boost their team’s productivity by up to 30%… There’s nothing soft about that!

Whether you’re new to management or have years of experience under your belt, it’s crucial to continue learning and developing your soft skills, as well as determining which areas you want to improve upon to better serve your team.

So How Can You Improve as a Manager?

A big area for all Managers to improve on, regardless of sector or industry is on Sustainability and understanding WHY businesses need to “go Net Zero”. Net Zero is a relatively new concept but it’s a demand from the Government which is firmly here to stay. Not sure what it is? Don’t worry… Here’s a quick summary…

The term Net Zero means achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon removed from it. By switching up how we do things, this balance – or net zero – will happen when the amount of carbon we add to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed.

Net Zero is therefore the gold standard that businesses must aspire towards when it comes to how they operate and who they work with in their supply chain. But not many businesses know where to begin …

Due to a fear of the unknown, many businesses are showing a reluctance towards Net Zero, so as a manager there’s a real opportunity for you to STEP UP and get CLUED UP to help your team better prepare for the changes ahead.

Better still, being an expert in Net Zero is a very appealing quality to have, making you an ideal candidate for promotions, and climbing the career ladder. It emphasizes your forward-thinking approach and your passion for protecting the planet.

Let’s Hone in on Construction….

As we know, managers take responsibility for the business, team, project or budget that they represent, so it’s essential they:

  • Understand what goals need to be met
  • Are forward thinking/clued up with legislation that will impact these goals
  • Help plan how to achieve these goals
  • Check that everyone involved understands what is needed
  • Monitor progress
  • Take action if problems occur.

Honing in on the Construction industry, a great example of this is defining what Net Zero targets a Construction business can commit to. Sustainability and Net Zero is BIG for the Construction Industry. Why? Well because over 39% of global carbon emissions come from Construction!!! So, there’s a lot of ownership (and opportunity) for the industry to reduce it.

Senior Managers in Construction are typically involved in deciding a business’ Net Zero strategy – i.e. what the organisation should be trying to achieve and why Junior Managers in Construction will focus more on how to achieve the goals they have been given, working with wider teams to make it happen.

But how do you equip yourself to make Net Zero happen?

In Construction, one of the best ways to achieving Net Zero is by businesses specialising in Retrofit. What’s Retrofit we hear you ask? Here’s the lowdown…

Retrofit is the process of making changes to an existing building to improve the energy efficiency of it and helping to reduce the emissions the existing building gives off. Check out our blog here to read more.

Getting to grips with Retrofit is our bread and butter here at RE:geon Training (tag). We are one of the only training providers in the North East who offer Retrofit training. So, it’s a pretty exclusive club to be part of!

We provide 4 distinct routes for Retrofit training, to suit the different kinds of roles you see within the construction industry:

  1. Advisors – Teams that support the construction industry: Office staff, Customer Service, Educators, Sales, and Marketing Teams etc.
  2. Managers – MDs, C-Suite Executives, Site Managers, PMs, QS etc.
  3. Installers and Tradespeople – Dry liners, Insulation Techs, Painters and Decorators, Bricklayers, Joiners, Plumbers, Electricians etc.
  4. Role Specific – Retrofit Coordinator and Retrofit Assessor *Required Prerequisites*

This week we’re focussing on the Manager route. A programme perfectly developed to ensure that Managers just like you (or the future you) can confidently guide a business through the changes needed to hit Net Zero. Better still, you don’t even need to be employed right now to benefit. We can support those currently out of work as much as those already rockin’ the 9-5s, thanks to our fully funded course options.

What does the Route 2 Retrofit Manager Pathway include? 

Well, it’s a very vast and diverse pathway. From the more generic modules and must-haves that cover key legislation like PAS 2030, 2035 and 2038 (…don’t worry if you haven’t heard of these yet! You’ll be an expert in them soon…) We also dip into the practical side of what Retrofit entails, as well as providing bespoke modules fine-tuned to the exact harmony of the business you work for (or want to work for) – to ensure maximum success for your future.

Being an advisor is one of those unsung hero roles. Sure, you won’t have all of the technical knowledge to execute retrofit on a daily basis but you will underpin the entire retrofit operation. Why? By qualifying as an advisor of retrofit you could be responsible for educating your customers, clients and communities on the purpose of retrofit and the processes. Or you will be able to confidently provide Information Advice and Guidance on Retrofit careers, and the different opportunities that are going to be in HUGE demand!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what one of our recent learners Scott Shevill thought about the Route 2 Retrofit. Here Scott shares how it’s helped him progress in his Management role as an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor at the RE:GEN Group:

And that’s not at all. We’ve got a number of live vacancies where understanding Retrofit will help your Management skills to truly fly. These include:  

  • Apprentice Quantity Surveyor with RE:GEN Group – Click here
  • Apprentice Quantity Surveyor with Elvet Chartered Surveyor – Click here
  • Apprentice Building Surveyor with Elvet Chartered Surveyor – Click here

As a Manager, it’s important to get ahead of the game now to future-proof your career for many years to come! By letting us develop your skills and understanding of Retrofit, we can help you to better support your team and your business in achieving Net Zero goals.

By letting us enrich your knowledge and give you the confidence to embrace change, we can help you to leave a legacy as an inspirational leader. For everyone you work with, both now and in future, to be proud of.   

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