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Far from a tick in the box or workplace formality, continued professional development (CPD) or upskilling enables employees to become better at their jobs and contribute to the overall progression of the organisation they work for. How effective or fast that progression is, depends greatly on how often employers encourage employees to learn and engage in CPD. So how exactly does CPD benefit you and your employees? This week we take a closer look… 

Employers play a pivotal role in CPD for employees. For high performing, and the best business examples, this means that learning and development are imbibed within your culture. By investing in a range of learning and development programmes alongside actively encouraging your staff and colleagues to get involved and reap the rewards of what CPD can bring, employers can expect to see:

  • A thriving culture of learning and self-growth within your workforce
  • Enhanced productivity to build a more efficient and motivated team
  • Maintenance of consistently high standards in product delivery and customer service across the business
  • A healthy working relationship between yourself and your teams
  • Improvement in employee retention as employees feel valued and loyal to the business 
  • Better prepared workforces to embrace change within your respective industry 
  • The plugging of any gaps in skillsets to meet future needs or Tender Bids
  • An enhanced perception of the business for recruitment 
  • A positive contribution to the business’ overall growth and success strategies

Without CPD, employers and employees alike run the risk of struggling to keep up with the adjustment to the ever-changing demands that the world around us brings. This is especially true if your business involves compliance, where regulations and official advice is constantly being added or updated. The need to remain ‘in the know’ couldn’t be more crucial! 

It is also evident that CPD can boost employees in their personal lives, strengthening their confidence and believability in themselves which can be seen to benefit areas outside of the workplace!  

 The benefits of CPD for employees include:

  • Keeping your qualifications up to date
  • Plugging of any gaps in your knowledge 
  • Diversifying your CV or portfolio 
  • Aiding in improved productivity at work 
  • Instilling a genuine passion to learn and improve 
  • Taking pride in contributing to the growth of the company you represent 
  • Enabling the opportunity for you to demonstrate ambition, aptitude and willingness to try new things and overcome obstacles daily
  • Keeping you focussed on the pathway to career progression, leading to job security and achieving ultimate job satisfaction
  • Increasing your confidence and ability to achieve personal goals outside of work

CPD is, therefore not only beneficial BUT ESSENTIAL for all human beings to thrive. CPD goes above and beyond the realms of ‘just learning and development’. It is instrumental in building a genuinely happy and healthy workforce with a great working relationship and an eagerness to grow, both as an individual and a collective. Channelling down to customers and future employees, CPD also gives your business street cred, boosting your reputation for all of the right reasons. 

 Deep dive in CPD before the year is out!  

Before the year is out, we are on a mission to engage as many businesses and individuals as possible to #DevelopYourSelfDecember

 This year still hasn’t been a normal one (to say the very least) so let’s do something meaningful and worthwhile to see it out on a real high. Our range of CPD courses at Geon Training are all CPD Certified and can be purchased individually or as value packages that are bespoke to the needs of your business or goals. 

Why not explore our 100s of courses available across Health & Safety, Business Admin and Health & Social Care! With most courses available online, and specifically designed with a simple module format, they can be easily integrated and carried out part-time around your existing work or life commitments before good old Saint Nick makes his appearance.

See 2021 out with a bang and a real business boost! 

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