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Did you know that there are many different types of forklift truck training, with varying levels and accrediting bodies? Whilst at first this might sound like a tonne of weight to get your head around, we’re here to lighten the load by giving you a clear breakdown of the different types of training available to help you find the course most suitable for your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner, in need of a refresh or simply want to convert from one forklift type to another, there’s something here for everyone!

Firstly, let’s lift the lid on licenses!

You might think that a license for manoeuvring a forklift truck is just like a driving license. You know, taking a standardised test then, once passed, receiving a shiny new license that allows you (in theory) to drive any car, anywhere. Wrongo!

Instead, upon completing a forklift training course you will receive a physical certificate. It’s then down to your employer to deem the certificate sufficient enough to operate the forklift safely and properly. Only thenwill they grant you a license. As it’s the employers right to issue licenses, what one employer sees as sufficient may not be to another therefore licenses are not necessarily permanent, but rest assured your training certificate is.

Know your forklifts!

Each type of forklift truck requires its own training course, and each of these courses are offered at various levels and by numerous accrediting bodies.

Some of the most popular forklift training courses in the industry include the following types of forklift: Bendi, Telescopic, Reach and Counterbalance.

At Geon we have partnered with Vantec, a leading company of Auto Parts Logistics who have a growing global business. Vantec specialise in Reach and Counterbalance forklifts.

Reach forklifts, as the name suggests, is primarily designed to reach loads that sit up high in racking or storage. Reach forklifts operate best inside, in environments such as warehouses. They are very manoeuvrable and perfectly suited to weaving between narrow aisles. They have the ability to extend to distances beyond their stabilising legs.

Counterbalance forklifts transport the heavier loads. They work by carrying the load at the front of the truck, and offsetting this load by bearing the majority of its weight at the back. A counterbalance forklift can be used on all stable and even surfaces, whether inside or outside, so you can see why it’s the more popular of the forklift family.

What’s more, Vantec are ITSSAR Accredited. This means that any forklift licenses granted by Vantec as a result of you completing your training course and starting your career with them has validity at other companies should you wish to move in the future. (Talk about no strings attached!)

BUILD UP a new career!

Following the recent launch of our BUILD UP programme, and with the help of employers like Vantec, we’re proud to offer our learners comprehensive forklift driver training for anyone and everyone, no matter your current skills or background. Our BUILD UP automotive programme is focussed on nurturing individuals to help them find their flow and choose the right forklift training course for them. With us, you really are in safe hands. The next BUILD UP cohort is set to kick off on the 26th July, but there’s still time to get involved! Get in touch today or over the weekend to find out more! There’s absolutely nothing to lose, but perhaps a lot to gain!

If you’d like to register or find out any more information then please get in touch.

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