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As a leader in Construction, are you ready to pave the way to help your business reach Net Zero targets?

Last week I explored the importance of becoming a Retrofit advisor, and the roles that typically fall within this category. To recap, an advisor underpins every business. They are the unsung heroes who represent the baseline understanding we must have when it comes Retrofit. The one’s who drive awareness and champion a positive outlook. Largely in customer service or advisory roles.

Let’s remind ourselves of how this fits within the wider Routes to Retrofit

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As you can see there are 4 distinct routes to take when getting upskilled in retrofit for the construction industry:

  1. Advisors – Teams that support the construction industry: Office staff, Customer Service, Educators, Sales, and Marketing Teams etc.
  2. Managers – MDs, C-Suite Executives, Site Managers, PMs, QS etc.
  3. Installers and Tradespeople – Dry liners, Insulation Techs, Painters and Decorators, Bricklayers, Joiners, Plumbers, Electricians etc.
  4. Role Specific – Retrofit Coordinator and Retrofit Assessor *Required Prerequisites*

This week my attention is focussed on Pathway No2 – The Managers.

In Retrofit training terms, a ‘Manager’ refers to all leaders within an organisation. From the CEO, to the MD, C-Suite Executives and Senior Management. Anyone and everyone responsible for driving the strategic direction of the business and the brains behind a business’ Net Zero commitments. The decision makers. The navigators. The board. There’s no denying that the majority of Linkedin network, is made up of these Managers. So, for those kind enough, and curious enough to be reading my article, keep going… this one is definitely for you.

As a leader, you have a great deal of influence over the way a business is ran, and how positive behavioural change is embraced company-wide. The key to strong leadership is ensuring you use these powers of influence both effectively and efficiently to enhance the 3 P’s. Your Performance. Your People and Your Profits.

They say that the greatest leaders among us recognise that learning never ends, and believe me when I say, Retrofit is no exception.

Where an advisor simply needs to understand the term at a foundational level – being able to confidently talk the talk when it comes answering the WHAT and the WHY of Retrofit – the Manager pathway takes a far more strategic approach. As a Manager, one of the biggest questions we help you to answer is the HOW.

  • You’ve sat many a late night trawling through government articles online to identify the industry changes headed your way.
  • You’ve attended meeting after meeting to thrash out the commitments your business intends to make as a result. Ensuring that what you say we can deliver will tick the boxes on the new procurement frameworks and client tenders set to drop.
  • You’ve agreed and defined what Net Zero looks like to your business and you’ve even found yourself googling the latest Retrofit legislation… you know… for some “light” bedtime reading.
  • You’ve done everything you possibly can as a leader to kick start the process of “going green”. But when it comes to the real HOW of getting your Retrofit goals from paper to reality …..Yep… not a clue!

The truth is, that’s how we all feel. Retrofit is so new that no one really has it all figured out. As a leader this can be incredibly unnerving because people constantly look to you for the answers. For the reassurance. For the plan. It all rides on you to inspire a positive attitude towards Retrofit. Rather than it being something alien or even feared. But hear me out when I tell you that it’s OK to not have all of the answers right now. And hear me out when I tell you that there’s a strong chance, I have the EXACT answers you need.

The RE:geon Route 2 Retrofit Programme is designed from the ground up for local North East businesses. We specialise heavily in Construction and Social Housing as a result of the great network of employer partners we work with, so we have a real in-depth understanding of what it takes to train and recruit your own Retrofit army within these sectors.

By assisting you on the Manager pathway, you can not only improve your own understanding of the journey you’re embarking on, but can easily identify who in your organisation also needs to take on Retrofit training, and at what level. Pinpointing the exact training pathways required to execute your plans for maximum success. Because as we all know there’s no one size fits all approach to Retrofit. It’s about helping you to firstly find… then equipping you with… the right tools to lead AND LEARN by example.

So, what does the Route 2 Retrofit Manager Pathway include?

Well, it’s a very vast and diverse pathway. From the more generic modules and must-haves that cover key legislation like PAS 2030, 2035 (and even 2038), we also provide bespoke modules fine-tuned to the exact harmony of your business. We spend time getting to grips with your company vision, mission and Net Zero commitments, so you can spend time cultivating a positive Retrofit culture amongst your teams. Driving the direction of your business with a crystal-clear route all mapped out. Fuelling you with the confidence of what the next step truly looks like.

Take a look at one of our recent examples:

And the end game? Well, it comes two-fold. Firstly, Route 2 Retrofit is here to enrich your understanding and accreditation status for delivering on Retrofit. So that your business can hit the high scores of Net Zero and bidding for new work.

Thinking about the 3 P’s, that’s your Performance and Profits secured. So, what about your People?

Once you understand what’s expected from your business to reach Net Zero targets, it’s time to tackle HOW to implement it for yourself, your team, and your business. The Route 2 Retrofit opens the door to doing just that. By leaning on a team like ours, we can deliver you the right people with the right skill sets. Ready and raring to hit the right targets.

We manage the marketing, oversee the job boards, host employer days to get you up close and personal with the latest talent out there, pre-screen and deliver on all pre-employment and upskilling needs. (You can see why we break the mould of traditional training providers). Saving you time, money, and giving you peace of mind that your business can run as it should with a future proofed workforce.  

We are an extension of your team. A Retrofit and Recruitment division if you like. Here to ensure that even as a leader, you are not alone in making the big decisions. I am fortunate as a leader to be surrounded by the most incredible team so it’s only right to have designed a solution that allows me to now offer that out to you. Giving you the helping hand needed to embrace Retrofit. As well as all of the empowerment, and encouragement to turn from you from a good leader, into a great one.

If I’ve learnt anything in my career it’s this…. Inspiring from the top is one thing, but learning from the bottom is where the real growth happens. To find out more about our Manager Pathway or to discuss your specific business needs when it comes to Retrofit or Recruitment, please contact me here

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