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The pandemic has touched all areas of life: health, family, lifestyle and, in a significant way, business.

A recent survey found that only 9% of business owners said that COVID-19 had little or no impact on their business. Unsurprisingly, the remaining 91% of CEOs and business leaders have spent the last 18 months trying to steer their ships in the most unchartered of territories. It has been a huge sprint, but we all know that you can’t sprint forever. The need for long term strategies couldn’t be more essential.

Trying to control every aspect of your business to the point of micro-management in an urgent bid to future proof your operations when the world still remains so unclear is not only a huge task but completely counterproductive. For business leaders yearning for this level of control, we say STOP in your tracks! Whilst you may think this is the answer, you are designing a reality far from what you desire.

By being involved in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, you are encouraging a spoon-feeding culture where your employees rely on you more and more to tell them what to do. Not only does this add pressure for you as a leader to suddenly have the answers to anything, it completely eradicates the company’s productivity, respect and morale – because self-doubt is at an all-time high and your workforce’s believability in themselves, a respective all-time low. Couple that with the challenges of remote working and unexpected isolations and you’ve got a complete recipe for business breakdown and mental burnout.

Geon’s founder and Managing Director Nadia Scott knew all too well how detrimental the pressure of control could be not just to her business but on her health, long before the pandemic came into play. Nadia was not afraid to speak up about the challenges her business was facing and sought to find a solution.

The solution came in the unexpected form of pottery painting (yes you read that right!), delivered by none other than Lorna Helps from Vibrant Thinking.

When I first met Lorna, I had never heard of her type of training services before, using pottery and team building in a creative space to bring your team together”, Nadia Scott said.

Lorna Helps comments: “I wanted to transform the workplace so that it’s somewhere that gives you energy, as opposed to somewhere that drains you. The thing that’s different about Vibrant Thinking is that I use pottery painting as a tool. It’s the most effective and fastest way of getting people out of the day to day thinking to solve problems together as a business”.

Nadia Scott adds: “As a business who seeks to develop individuals and support them in their own life journeys, I knew something had to change. The need to invest time in ourselves to develop and grow internally as a business couldn’t be more fundamental to our success and our integrity. For our learners and employers alike, we need them to feel that they can trust us 100% so by being transparent in our challenges and practising what we preach with education and creativity to overcome them, we hope to achieve just that.”

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of teaming up with Blue Moon Marketing & Bennett Media to share our journey so far with Vibrant Thinking as part of a new social series. We had a great day filming at our Quayside office (and thankfully there weren’t too many outtakes for you to laugh at!)

Why not check out our full-length feature video below. Nadia and the team open up about the real problems they faced as a business, explaining how Lorna’s workshops provided the shakeup and coping strategies required to inject energy, self-growth and productivity back into the team.

Our success with Vibrant Thinking as a customer has led us to want to share this opportunity with others, as we believe that so many businesses can benefit. And it isn’t just a one-off pottery painting class!

By joining forces with Vibrant Thinking, we are on a mission to make this style of training a fully-funded opportunity for other businesses to benefit from by transforming the way you and your team operate. From resilience training to hybrid working and strengthening minds, these programmes can be embedded into your business strategy long term, as they encourage you to switch up your thinking, get off the hamster wheel, break away from the toxic environments to grow as a leader and embed all the tools necessary to create the perfect legacy to grow the next generation of inspirational leaders to follow.

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