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There’s currently 250,000 homeless people in the UK RIGHT NOW. We need to see change!!!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of home? Do you think of a roof over your head? A comfortable bed to sleep in at night? Maybe even the thought of a hot bath after a long day? Well not everyone has this luxury. Around 250,000 people in the UK don’t have a place that they can call home. A quarter of a million people are homeless right now in the UK alone. This number is only going to increase due to the cost of living crisis, the aftermath of the pandemic and the constant change in society making getting a home 10 times harder.

Wondering what these people then do? They end up in shelters, slum housing or worst of all – left to live on the streets.

If you were to research into homelessness within the UK you would find some of these statistics:

  • Over 250,000 people in England are homeless and in temporary accommodation.
  • Over 61% of adults in England who are living in temporary accommodation, are women.
  • Single parents make up 72% of all homeless families living in temporary accommodation, but only 24% of families do.
  • 1 in 23 black households become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, compared to 1 in 83 households from all other ethnicities.
  • 24% of young homeless people in the UK are LGBT+.
  • More than half (55%) of people who make a homeless application are aged between 16 and 34.

These statistics should not become the norm for the UK, we need to fight together and make a change for poverty and homelessness.

Here at RE:geon we want to help fight homelessness and poverty within the UK by working with a rounound UK Charity, CEO Sleepout.

CEO Sleepout brings business leaders together to unite as one, and make a stand against homelessness. They organise sleepout events across the UK in order to raise funds to make a real difference to people facing homelessness.

To date, CEO Sleepout has smashed it by raising £3 million pounds from over 4800 businesses. These funds have been donated to over 100 hard-working charities on the frontline of homelessness, changing countless lives.

Team RE:geon will be sleeping out at Sunderland Stadium of Light on the 3rd of November to unite with fellow business owners and take part in the CEO Sleepout.

Here’s what our board of directors Rochelle and Tom had to say about why they are participating in the CEO Sleepout:

“I’m participating in the CEO Sleepout to raise funds for people that have hit a major obstacle in their life. No one enters the world with the goal of living on the streets and unfortunately, that’s where some end up, but that doesn’t mean they have the stay there. So if I can help better the lives of people in a very unfortunate situation by sleeping 1 cold night out of the 365 I’m blessed to have a warm roof over my head, then so be it!”

Rochelle Groh, Strategy Director.

“Whilst I cannot say I’m looking forward to the sleepout itself (as you’d expect!), I’m looking forward to the experience and the opportunity to raise awareness and funds to support people who don’t have somewhere to call home. I couldn’t imagine how it must feel for someone where sleeping rough is their reality; to experience this for just one day in an attempt to support someone less fortunate is a small price to pay.”

Tom Lamb, Strategy Director.

We want to help change the lives of so many people in the UK by raising as much money as we can before the 3rd of November! This is such an amazing cause and the team at RE:geon couldn’t be prouder for coming together and helping fight homelessness in the UK. Together, we can fight against the homeless – let’s unite as one and do all that we can.

If you could donate to our fundraising page, you will be helping us, our fellow business leaders and the CEO Sleepout and most importantly, the UK homeless people to be able to call somewhere home. To donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/regeon-training

Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll help us fight for this amazing cause.

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