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Volunteering your time to support a cause you are passionate about is something you will never regret. Giving back will enrich your life, immerse you in your community and connect you to a multitude of people and ideas that will change your perspective for the rest of your life.

Helping your community by supporting and raising awareness for local charities and organisations is a great opportunity for you to grow as a person, which is why the team at Geon are committed to doing just that. We know that in order to best serve others, we need to serve ourselves and it’s the selfless acts of kindness of giving back to a charity that really enables us to achieve both, hand in hand.

When we’re not in the classroom, we dedicate a huge amount of our time and resources to helping a variety of organisations across the North East:

In this week’s blog we shine a spotlight on some of our charity partners, in a bid to raise awareness for serious issues that are as close to our hearts as much as theirs:

Charlie & Carter Foundation

We are proud to support the Charlie & Carter Foundation. A charity based in the North East of England that provides financial support to the parents of seriously ill children with life-limiting conditions which require 24-hour nursing care or specialist nursing facilities.

Last month, the Geon Team along with our sister company, Workforce on Demand, attended the Butterfly Ball hosted at the Hilton in Gateshead to support the Foundation. This was an event that nearly all of the staff across the two businesses were able to attend so it was a truly great evening for all involved where we could show our support in the masses!

To continue helping the Charlie & Carter Foundation raise awareness for all the good they do, please visit their website. If we can introduce just 1 new person to the charity, then we know we’re making a difference.

Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust

Alongside the Charlie + Carter Foundation, we are also passionate about supporting the Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust.

The C-word is becoming all the more common and the number of people touched by the disease increases by the hour. We are dedicated to supporting the Solan Connor Fawcett Family Trust in their vision to create a place of safety where individuals and families in the County Durham and Darlington regions who are affected by cancer can unite and seek the support they require.

We know how to support individuals in their own career pathways so we recognise the similarities in the Trust’s desires to provide tailored levels of support to each individual’s cancer journey. Using our skill sets from within the classroom and education sector as a whole, we are doing everything we can to share and apply these practices to our charity partners, to ensure that the personal support is fulfilled.

What’s more, the severity of lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted fundraising opportunities for charities, almost bringing it to a halt. But we didn’t let that stop us! Our support for these charities’ manifests in many forms. Often the more creative and challenging the better! To raise money for both the Charlie + Carter Foundation and the Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust, the team at Geon undertook a socially distanced Bush Tucker Trial eating challenge across social media in December 2020.

11 months on, many of the team’s eyes are still watering, but it was well worth it for the money raised! For pure entertainment value why not give it a watch here (However we must warn, it’s not for the faint-hearted!)

Extending our Support!

We’re always looking to broaden our horizons and extend our support to as many charities and organisations as possible. If you share this vision as a business owner yourself then why not reach out to us to see how we can join forces to strengthen our community.

We pride ourselves and differentiate in the market for being a training company that looks beyond the classroom to add real value, so we may even be able to help your own business with our ever-growing range of courses and services!

For us, it’s a strength in the numbers game and we want as many people on board for the ride. To find out more about partnering with us and supporting those in need, simply click here and get in touch

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