Myth Busters: Construction

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The construction industry is changing at a rapid pace, but is often stuck in a time warp of being considered an old and outdated sector with minimal scope for opportunity and growth. Luckily, we’re here to set the bar straight by challenging outdated stereotypes, putting the misconceptions back in their box and cutting the confusion when it comes to the world of construction. So, let’s begin…

Myth #1 – Construction is a Man’s World

Many people believe that the construction industry is a rough and dirty job, made only for tough men. In other words, not a place for women.

Though it’s true that construction sites are largely dominated by the male species, over 320,000 women work in the UK construction sector, and this is on the rise due to increased opportunities in a variety of roles from management and sales to technology, engineering and operation of large machinery. The construction industry is far more diverse than most people think but there is still so much space for women to claim. As strong advocates for breaking boundaries and challenging the status quo, we know that women have a vital part to play in shaping the future of construction. With over 150 different construction roles to choose from there really are roles for everyone with any interest and any background. So come on girls, what you waiting for?

Myth #2 – It’s a low paid job

Wrong! Did you know that the UK Construction industry is in fact one of the highest paying sectors with an average industry salary of £43,946 annually – around 20% higherthan the average full-time UK salary of £36,611?

What’s more, in the UK, and North East as a region, we are experiencing a significant skills shortage when it comes to fulfilling construction roles. This is in both blue- and white-collar roles. Whilst on one hand this is a major crisis for the industry and something we are actively trying to combat; the demand for permanent professional staff is increasing as employers seek to secure talent so by default presents some very appetising salaries to get your hands on! (Every cloud and all that!)

Myth #3 Construction sites have a disrupting impact on local communities

Far from it. Now more than ever before, professional construction projects must show commitment to making a positive impact on the local communities they serve. That new Community Centre? Recently refurbished Church Hall? Unveiling of the latest School Academy building and organisers of the local waste disposal clean up? Without construction, the core of our communities simply wouldn’t exist. At Geon we only work with like-minded employers who share our vision on giving back to the local community to make the world we live in a better place. Find out who some of them are at the end of our blog*.

Myth #4 You have to study for over 2 years just to get a blue skilled card

Pffft. Through our Access in Construction and BUILD UP Construction Programme we can get you from A to B in no time. Giving you the queue jump for starting a new career in construction. Yes, it’s that easy! Our programmes are a real game changer, tailored completely to you and the direction you want to follow. Why not give it a go? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you build your own path in one of the largest sectors in the UK today!

*Proud to partner with RE:GEN Group, HSS and Shaw Construction.

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