No CSSC Card, No Work

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Ok, so picture this, imagine giving someone all the furniture they need for a new home, helping them to pack it into a van and loading it onto the drive but giving them no key to actually get in the front door? Sounds crazy right? It simply wouldn’t happen, so why does this lack of preparation to get over the threshold happen when starting a career in construction?

One of the most surprising things we come across on a daily basis here at Geon HQ is the number of young candidates, eager to start their career in construction, with years of academia under their belts and enough theory to write a novel but very little on-site work experience and no CSCS card…what a waste of time!

If you’re looking for work on-site in the construction industry, yes, you need the right qualifications, but you also need a CSCS card. Without both you will find it extremely hard to work on-site in a trade that you now know inside and out.

CSCS stands for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and these cards are used to provide proof that a worker has the appropriate training and qualifications to safely perform their job on a construction site. Although having a CSCS card is not a legal requirement, construction sites are clamping down on employees to have official qualifications and identification. This is due to some workers not having the correct training in certain areas meaning that work hasn’t been completed to correct standards.

CSCS cards come in many different types based on the different roles within the construction sector, from entry-level labourers all the way to senior management. For example, if you are working as a bricklayer, you may need a Blue Trowel Occupations CSCS Card. This card provides assurance to employers that their workers have the necessary training to perform their job safely, protecting the public, their co-workers and themselves. CSCS cards also apply to workers at more advanced levels, such as managers. For example, construction site managers may need to have a CSCS Black Managers card by completing a Level 6 NVQ, such as the Level 6 in Construction Site Management.

So why is this not something currently offered with all diplomas we hear you say? Well, here remains a mystery that even Vera can’t work out, but luckily, we have the solution.

At Geon we’re passionate about challenging the norm and addressing the lack of CSCS cards available to young people is no exception. We offer a quick and efficient CSCS course through our Access into Construction programme, ensuring you can obtain the right card for your career path, without further delay.

We also offer hands-on activities and real-world experiences with some of the best employers in the region to boost your employability far beyond the average diploma!

Once completed we will book you in for your CSCS test and upon achievement, we’ll even pay for your CSCS card. Yes, that’s right, it’s FREE.

So don’t get bogged down with a diploma that delays your success, contact us today to fast track your future. Trust us, we’re the experts in putting you where you want to be.

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