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World Day for Health & Safety at Work is an international day designed to raise public awareness of occupational health and safety. This year, the topics focus on participation and social dialogue to create a positive health and safety culture. Something that we at RE:geon, part of the RE:GEN Group, work really hard to achieve.

A culture of occupational safety and health is one in which the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels. Where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined roles, responsibilities and duties.

First introduced back in 2003 by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), World Day for Safety and Health at Work seeks to raise awareness for preventing work-related accidents and illness globally. Held on the 28th of April every year, the awareness day is still supported by the ILO, the United Nations, and many countries worldwide. Something which we want to shine a light on in this week’s blog.

Throughout the last two years of the pandemic, having a solid health and safety framework has been crucial in protecting the working environment as well as workforces around the globe – regardless of industry or sector. With the emergence of new, “invisible” threats and dangers, the need for Health & Safety couldn’t be more important. At RE:geon, we specialise heavily in the Construction industry where Health & Safety practices have always been KEY! But what do you need to consider when maintaining strong Health & Safety practices on site in the aftermath of COVID? Let’s explore.

Health & Safety in Construction

Keeping a construction site safe, is no easy task. The obvious starting point is keeping the construction workers themselves safe whilst they’re at work. As an employer, that’s your number 1 priority, but as a worker, that’s also your responsibility to take pride and ownership for as you proactively look out for any dangers that could impact you or your peers.

Another element that you need to consider, is keeping the public safe. From preventing a member of the public from walking onto the site itself, to warning them of upcoming work or disruption – the need for communication is one of the powerful aspects of driving a positive Health & Safety culture. So, how can you communicate?


  • Safety signs are all around us within the workplace, regardless of if you work in an office space or within a manufacturing setting, you are likely surrounded by various safety signs. Whilst these signs can sometimes fade into the background during the working day, they form an essential part of any workplace, especially in high-risk jobs where lives could be at risk if safety precautions are not adhered to at every stage.
  • Therefore, IMPACTFUL signage on a construction site is crucial.
  • You need to consider the types of dangers on your construction site, and then put safety measures in place accordingly. For example, if there is heavy machinery on site, then signs warning your employees of this, will keep them extra vigilant.
  • It’s a good idea to provide mph signs for the machinery itself, so your teams know how fast they should be moving on site. Signs are also an excellent way of warning the general public away from your construction site.
  • Large, visible and clear signs on the outside of the site work best. This can include: No entry signs, No Unauthorised Access signs, Warning signs, Keep Out signs and more.

Safety Workwear

  • Things move quickly on a construction site, so it’s essential that the workforce are visible at all times. High quality workwear is the best solution
  • From safety helmets, to steel-toed boots, high visibility jackets for winter and high visibility waistcoats for when the weather is warmer and even durable workwear trousers. All these items are ideal for keeping a workforce safe and will allow them to work hard without compromise.
  • If you want to take it up a notch, then invest in branded safety workwear! By choosing branded workwear, it not only looks super professional but it communicates confidence in past, present, and future work.


  • Construction sites are some of the most dangerous of all workplaces, with numerous potential hazards and dangers. For this reason, effective health and safety training and risk management has a vital part to play in the industry. It also empowers those working to feel confident to step up and say when something isn’t right. Knowledge really is power.
  • On a Construction site, you need to get strict – Only employing those who have successfully completed a safety in construction course will help to eliminate future risks and even help prevent future accidents.
  • As an employer or a Site Manager overseeing in control of a site, it’s important for you to ensure that everyone who steps onto the site has the correct information, including the right CSCS Card. There cannot be any exceptions.
  • At RE:geon we offer FREE CSCS Cards as part of all of our Construction courses! This is a really popular aspect of our courses that not many training providers offer. So, as we always say, grab it while you can!
  • The key with Training is to ensure that it’s an ongoing process and that all of the workforce’s knowledge is continually kept up to date. The best way to do this is by organising regular course refreshers, upskilling and CPD opportunities.
  • At RE:geon we specialise heavily in keeping Construction workforces in the know on latest construction techniques as well as best in class practices for Health & Safety. We do this through our partnership with some of the top Construction businesses in the North East region. Businesses who remain committed to be being at the forefront of exceptional industry practice.
  • Most recently we’ve been working with RE:GEN Group to develop bespoke training modules that focus on Regeneration, Retrofit and the need for Green Growth Skills within Construction. Regeneration and Retrofit are still relatively new concepts so it’s an exciting time to get involved and gain new skills to give yourself a competitive edge and a new angle on Health & Safety for the future. 

Although every day should be World Day for Health & Safety at Work, it’s important to use awareness days such as this to check in on yourself, as well as your teams and take stock of why Health & Safety underpins everything we do. It’s essential that we continue to invest every ounce of energy we have into creating and maintaining a prevention culture – to protect the world today, as well as tomorrow.

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