RE:GEN Group expand presence in the region through partnership with RE:geon Training

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North East based regeneration specialist RE:GEN Group have recently joined forces with local training provider Geon Training Solutions to launch ‘RE:geon Training’ who now sit within the Group.

As two businesses going from strength to strength, RE:GEN Group and RE:geon Training share a passion for people, and a real commitment to improving the lives of the communities they serve.

RE:GEN Group, a brand dedicated to challenging the norm within their industry and beyond, have already made a splash through the launch of their RE:GEN Academy last summer. The RE:GEN Academy is an academy born with a desire to grow the future workforce in Construction & Regeneration in a direct bid to combat skills shortages by developing individuals, rather than particular skill sets. Through the support of RE:geon, RE:GEN Group’s first academy cohort saw a 67% progression rate with 6 of the 9 students receiving full time job offers at RE:GEN Group upon completion of the course – identifying a strong proof of concept in the partnership from early on. 

For many years, RE:geon Training has forged strong connections across the North East region between a growing network of learners and employers partners. They pride themselves on the offering of first-rate training solutions and as a result have built a strong reputation of successfully placing people into work. Most notably through their efforts with the BUILD UP Construction Programme. RE:geon’s BUILD UP Traineeship are fully funded schemes, dedicated to developing young, ambitious individuals in an urgent bid to combat skills shortages, fill employer staffing gaps and address record levels of unemployment in one. It is within the success of these programmes that has seen RE:geon become recognised as one of the most trusted and reliable training providers in the North East.

Seeing an almost perfect alignment in vision, mission, values and approach, RE:GEN Group and RE:geon believe the acquisition to be an excellent fit for the group portfolio and a positive transition for both brands.

Lee Francis, CEO at RE:GEN comments:

“From the office to on-site, the demand for skilled professionals in the Construction sector is at an all-time high. When meeting with Nadia and her team back in June last year to find out how she could support us in growing the next generation of leaders within Construction, it became apparent how aligned are our values and mission were. It was within that moment that we realised this was going to be more than just a collaboration project – this was a vision for the future.

“Like a pebble in a pond, our partnership will not only benefit those that sit directly within RE:GEN, but it will have a profound and defining impact on their families and wider communities – as we drive to make positive and sustainable change a reality for all. To officially announce the launch of RE:geon Training as part of the RE:GEN Group is a proud day for us all. I would personally like to welcome you all to the family. We look forward to what the future holds.”

Nadia Scott, MD at RE:geon Training adds:

“From day dot, Lee and the team at RE:GEN loved the idea of our traineeships but the one thing they couldn’t understand was the limitations of the eligibility criteria. How can you make a difference when you only help a minority, and not the majority? Together, we made the decision to open the BUILD UP traineeship programme to all, covering the cost ourselves for those who weren’t originally eligible for the funding. With over 50 hours’ worth of planning, we rewrote the rulebook to provide a new, and truly unique kind of programme for young, unemployed individuals keen to start a new career in Construction. As a result, we are proud to be the only company in the North East to offer traineeships of this kind. Our model has since been shared with the NELEP, local authorities and colleges within the region.

“Becoming part of the Group will enable us to really move mountains in ways that simply would not have been possible before. We’ve built some incredible relationships with employers over the years, but the one that truly altered our direction and helped us to challenge the norm was RE:GEN. We are honoured to join the family and #BePartOfTheJourney.”

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