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We’ve all been there. You’ve secured an exciting client contract, locked in a new funding stream and you’re setting the wheels in motion to start delivering on new project but wait…. not every employee within your business has all of the necessary skills needed to meet the requirements. Enter the ‘skills gap’.

90% of CEOs believe their company is facing disruptive change driven by digital technologies and advancements, with a further 70% concerned that their employees don’t have the necessary skills needed to adapt.

As a reputable and growing business, you want all of your employees to perform at their best but with the world of work changing so fast, there’s no denying that employees will require a lifetime of continuous learning to stay up to date. As an employer, we recognise that it can be hard to keep up. In fact, it can feel damn near impossible at times. Because it’s not just an individual’s learner journey that you’re responsible for – it’s an entire team, an entire department and an entire organisation that you represent. Couple that with the time pressures of new contracts and projects set to land in a matter of months or even weeks and it can be an incredibly choppy waters for any business owner to charter. Sadly, many organisations aren’t providing the learning environment needed to tackle the workforce skills gap. So that’s where we come in.  

With our range of Pre-Employment and Upskilled training courses, we can devise a bespoke training plan centred solely around the skillset you need to help you to successfully place the right person into the role without delay.

The investment in your people is undoubtedly the great ROI any business owner can see.

It’s a fact. Employees who are given regular training and development opportunities throughout their career are proven to be happier in their roles and have a brighter outlook on their future with the business. As a result, you can reap the reward of higher retention rates, as well as greater revenue streams. So, future-proofing your workforce really is the answer to many questions as a business owner but where do you begin?

At RE:geon Training we’ve always worked hard to support our network of employers and learners alike in their training and development journeys. Our own story began in 2017, where our purpose was to generate employment opportunities nationwide for key industries such as Construction and Manufacturing. When the double whammy of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we were faced as a society with a mental health crisis, particularly among young adults. Something that none of us wanted to witness. To take action, I felt it was right to reposition the business by changing our training focus for learners to be based around the Traineeship model to better suit the Governmental agenda for combatting this crisis. In June 2021, our model became a reality as we launched the BUILD UP Construction Programme.

For those who don’t know a Traineeship is a real game-changer. It’s a fully funded scheme, dedicated to developing 19–24-year-old individuals in an urgent bid to combat nationwide skills shortages, fill employer staffing gaps and address record levels of unemployment in one, by resourcing young adults with the skills required to help them thrive.

To enrich our traineeships and give them a real edge that no other training company in the region could provide, we began to devise employer-led programmes. An employer-led approach (vs a training provider-led approach) has brought us closer to like-minded employers than ever before. Employers are no longer just a bystander in the process who take on our newly skilled learners as apprentices when our work with them is done – they are now actively engaged in the creation and delivery of our programmes from day one. We give employers the flexibility, and to some extent the control to design their own future workforce – to better cater to, and fill the exact gaps for the fulfilment of contractual commitments and social value obligations. All of which is achieved with our training expertise, hands on support and access to funding streams. The benefits of training in this way can be sure to be felt in abundance for all involved:

In 2021 we saw a progression rate of 67% of our learners going through to full time employment, to plug necessary skills gaps as a result of using an employer led approach. This was vs a 38% in a trainer-led approach. What’s more in 2022, we have seen an increase of 13% in our progression rate success (taking us to 80%) thanks to our new partnership with the RE:GEN Group.

There’s been a lot of hype lately around our recent move to the RE:GEN Group. Of course, this strategic partnership and great achievement has been the direct result of our success in working together, where we recognised an undeniable alignment in our culture, values and passion for supporting the future generation workforce. But there’s more to this partnership than meets the eye.

Our alignment with RE:GEN is about more than simply serving the Group. It’s about RE:imagining the workforce for as many businesses as we possibly can – of ALL shapes, sizes, and even sectors.

The greatest benefit of joining forces with RE:GEN is that they strengthen our service offering and enhance our ability to be to support other businesses – no matter who they are. Whilst our focus largely remains on Construction as a high risk area for national skills shortages – RE:GEN have facilitated us in being able to explore a new area of growth and opportunity that becomes more urgent by the day for UK businesses – the Green Sector.

Alongside the ‘traditional’ skills gaps mentioned earlier, comes the emergence of the ‘future’ skills gaps that businesses also need to equip for. For example, in Construction & Social Housing the skills surrounding Domestic Retrofit are in more demand than ever before if you want to secure future client contracts. Another headache for businesses some might say but another pain-point that we can alleviate!

Through our partnership with the RE:GEN Group, we are now supporting their clients, as well as their supply chain with the development and growth of their inhouse green skills – on top of any traditional skills gaps and resourcing needs. We’ve revolutionised and adapted our original Traineeship model to ensure that it can be used for both EMPLOYED and UNEMPLOYED learners. To upskill existing workforces and equip future ones.  

We’re also helping businesses to better understand the concept of sustainability and by applying the learnings from the RE:GEN Group’s own decarbonisation journey, we can successfully support them in the development of their own carbon reduction plans.

There’s so much beyond the ‘traditional training provider’ exterior that we are proud to deliver across the North East. It sometimes makes the job of explaining ‘what we do’ incredibly hard. My passion from day one has been to ensure that we are constantly growing as individuals (as much as we are a business) and in doing so, RE:geon are constantly evolving the solutions we provide to ensure it keeps up with the rapidly changing world we live in and the needs of the businesses we surround.

My team and I will be attending the RE:GEN SUPER-SUB event on Thursday 21st July at Newcastle St James Park to meet with like-minded businesses in the Construction & Social Housing sector to see how can extend our support in filling skills gaps and getting to grips with GREEN. The event is tailored to subcontractors, ideally in the North of Tyne area so if you fit the bill then please check out the weblink below to register. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your aspirations for the future.


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