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Due to the huge success of our traineeship programmes, we are super psyched to announce that we’re expanding our reach with the launch of our FIRST traineeship in Sunderland! (Woohoo!) 

Although this is our 9th Traineeship cohort set to make a splash in the Construction sector, it’s our first for the area so an incredibly exciting time to get involved.

So, what’s a traineeship all about?

The age-old debate of work experience vs qualifications is no longer since traineeships came out to play. Defined as a REAL game-changer, traineeships perfectly blend the acquiring of well-rounded qualifications and skills with meaningful work experience to give you the full 360, boosting your employability as well as your confidence in a matter of weeks. Our traineeships are 6-8 week fully funded courses, best suited to unemployed individuals aged between 19-24 years old and who are not currently in any other form of formal education.

What is the new Sunderland traineeship focussed on?

Ever wanted a job that helps you to make a big difference in your area? Improving the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands within your local community? Well, this is right up your street! (Literally!) 

Combining best in class construction skills with innovative and sustainable solutions, our new traineeship set to land on the 29th March, is called our BUILD UP REGENERATION PROGRAMME IN SOCIAL HOUSING. 

Regeneration is the process of redeveloping an area (in our case, social housing) and revitalising it to the point at which we create a much-improved living environment. Far more than just a refurb job, regeneration is all about problem solving!! So, we need individuals with a real passion for troubleshooting! It’s about understanding the current challenges within the social housing and construction sector and implementing new and more sustainable solutions for the future. 

You’ll not only learn the latest techniques and methods in roles such as joinery and roofing, but you’ll get to work up close and personal with some of the best employers in the region who are actively looking to take placements and employment on.

Regeneration is still a new concept so by getting clued up now, you not only make yourself invaluable to future employers (whose workforce may currently lack the skillset), but you really could be at the forefront of some amazing changes for the region!

What else is included?

Here’s some fun facts about what’s included in our new Traineeship: 

  • The course typically last 6-8 weeks (this can vary slightly depending on placements)
  • During the week you’ll spend 3 days in the classroom and 2 days with an employer partner that we pair you up with
  • We provide free hands-on training with a list of qualifications built into the course such as: 
    • L1 construction multi skills
    • L1 in Health and Safety
    • Asbestos Awareness Certification
    • Working at Heights Certification
    • A free CSCS card (these can be hard to come by!!!) 
    • Free work boots and hi-vis
    • A Guaranteed Interview at the end of it with the employer partner you’ve been placed with! 
    • CV, LinkedIn, Presentation & Interview prep!

How successful are Geon traineeships?

The most unique part of our traineeships is that we ensure a guaranteed employer interview at the end of your course. Giving you every opportunity possible to shine. Our last 8 cohorts of learners have seen great success as a result of completing their traineeship and taking their interview. On average we have seen a success rate of 67%. What that means is that typically in a cohort of 9 learners, 6 have been successful in securing placements or full time employment!

This is EXACTLY what I need! How do I sign up?

Enrolment day for our new Regeneration Traineeship is on 28th March, with the course officially kicking off on the 29th. Here’s where we’re at:

Pallion West Industrial Estate, 

We’ll be there on the 24th from 9:30am – 3pm to give you plenty of time to get down should you have any other commitments in the day! 

BEFORE Enrolment Day please express your interest by clicking the link below, so we know to expect you! This opportunity is like no other, and is filling up FAST so don’t delay in signing up today and sharing with anyone who could benefit!

We can’t wait to meet a new community of aspirational learners, ready to embark on a new career in construction, and give you all the tools, knowledge, opportunities and connections you need to THRIVE! 

Sunderland, the time is now!

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