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Imagine finding your dream job and knowing exactly what you need to do to walk into that role? A world where you could speak directly to the hiring manager ahead of time so you know precisely what they’re looking for? Well, today’s the day to stop doubting and stressing about your next steps as we’re here to help you ditch the job boards and kickstart your future!

When you don’t know what’s out there for you, and feeling pretty much at the end of your tether, it can be daunting to look for a new job. That’s why the team at RE:geon have been hard at work since 2018 to find innovative ways of removing these pain points. So you can finally say “I actually enjoyed that”. So far since we started, we’ve helped over 1400 learners from the North East get to where they want to be and we’d love for you to be our next recruit! 

So it’s out with the old job boards, Indeed and all of the wasted hours scrolling. And hello to fast tracking your future. Taking control of your career and embarking on the job you’ve always dreamed of.

As an innovative training provider RE:geon have services and solutions in abundance but to help you get on your path to success, we’ve broken it down simply into two key areas. So let’s get started….

1. Getting you work ready.

If you’re an entry level learner, fresh out of college or school and keen to get into the world of work, then you’ve come to the right place. Likewise if you’re recently unemployed and need a confidence boost to get back on your feet then we’re the helping hand you’ve been waiting for.

Our range of training programmes ensure that you’ve got everything you need to make a great first impression with a future employer. We work with all kinds of businesses, spanning a multitude of sectors on a daily basis so we know exactly what they are looking for in the “ideal candidate”. From the classroom learning formalities to the hands-on practical work, and discovery of your soft skills, our programmes seek to develop all aspects of your skill sets. So you walk away with the real 360!

Better still, thanks to our close links and employer partnerships, we have exclusive dibs on upcoming career opportunities before they hit any job board or recruiter. So to say we’re the ones to know would be an understatement. Most recently our attention has been focussed heavily on the Construction and Social housing sectors. Why? Well because there’s a huge demand for skilled tradespeople and SO many new incredible career opportunities forming as technology evolves and sustainability targets increase. Keen to find out more? and get some careers advice? Sure, simply leave your details here and one of learner engagement team will get back to you.

But it isn’t just entry level learners that we support! Oh no. One of our other greatest specialisms is “Upskilling”. So maybe you’re not starting out fresh and you’re already on the job train but keen to change direction or perhaps step it up a gear? That’s when you need a queue jump….

2. Giving you the queue jump

With our range of training programmes, we can boost your employability by providing specialist training in new areas like Construction Green Skills. Adding a new string to your bow and unlocking some seriously appealing salary brackets! For all of our courses, whether entry or higher level, we take an employer led approach. What’s that? Well if you haven’t heard already, an employer led approach means  that employers in the North East who are actively recruiting will be involved in the design and delivery of the course. So you’ll get to meet some incredible people and gain some serious insight. We’ll teach you about the intricacies of our employer’s businesses, from their culture and vision to how they operate on a day to day basis. You might be thinking, why do we need to know all of this? Well, because the success rate of progressing into employment after completing a course like this is always far greater. Our programmes give you a real competitive edge against any other job applicants you’re up against!

So think of our training courses as your new gateway to success. With no wasting pain points insight. It’s a fast track, or ‘queue jump’ into the next chapter of your life. What more could you need?

One of the greatest things about RE:geon is that we aren’t a “bums on seats” kind of training provider. It isn’t about the numbers through the door. It’s about the individuals that walk into a room on Day 1 feeling unsure, maybe even skeptical, and leaving on Day 10 with a new found spring in their step. By trusting and believing in us, we’ll make sure that your career journey takes you places. Places you never thought possible as you sit and read this today. You may be on your own journey but we want to ride the train with you, and we’re here for every twist and turn, bump or block in the road. We’re more than just a “provider”, we’re here as your friends too. And we’re only ever a phone call away.

To find out more about what specific training courses we have on offer, either at entry level or to upskill, just leave your details here and one of our Learner Engagement Team will reach out to you to discuss what options would suit you best.

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