The Glow Up Series Launch

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What do plants and people have in common? If you water them, they both will grow!

And that’s exactly what our Community Glow Up Series is all about:

Growing Local Champions! ????????

We believe that people everywhere deserve places to treasure – whether it’s a bench for quiet reflection, a place to grow fresh fruit and veg, or an open space to move and play – connecting with nature has never been more important in helping us feel alive. Especially during the long months of the pandemic.

We’re aware that in the local Tees area there are many neglected green spaces crying out for some love and attention. From disused community gardens and pocket parks to overgrown allotments, many community spaces are in desperate need of nurturing.

This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone’s mental health, we are seeing record cases of social anxiety, worry and stress. Communities have become withdrawn, and we have simply stopped connecting with each other. This programme has been designed to help individuals learn how to nurture themselves and begin to appreciate the beautiful green spaces we have available to us. 

Throughout this 5-week programme you will develop your gardening and horticultural skills, and simultaneously develop positive practices that will introduce mindfulness and gratitude into your daily routine. 

Due to the demand for this type of programme and the many neglected green spaces, we are looking to enrol 22 participants in this pilot, across 2 community projects.


An initiative that’s here to stay, with an endless list of green space renovation projects. Our first Sowing + Growing project within the Community Glow Up series is set to enrol participants on September 21st.

1. Supporting the Frade in Middlesbrough – we’ll be developing a community garden! For the locals and volunteers to enjoy, the garden will be used to hold community days, fairs, afternoon tea, and other activities to bring everyone together and for all to enjoy. There are also opportunities to support the men’s shed project where they recycle and restore furniture, and sell it to donate back to the community. To find out more about this amazing charity click here.

2. Galloway Garden Project – This is a community garden in the heart of Rainham Close, Thorntree. We’re looking for a team of volunteers to help transform the garden into a beautiful, friendly and welcoming space for the residents and the wider community to enjoy. This project is supported by 

Programme Objective: Develop an understanding of what is needed to sow and grow plants, flowers, herbs & trees in order to revive unloved and neglected gardens. 

Programme Schedule: This 5-week programme will cover a unit each week whilst focusing on well-being, mindfulness and practicing habits of positive thinking. Participants will keep a wellbeing journal and a photographic portfolio of their activities and mood throughout the programme.

Week 1 – Introduction to sowing and growing
Overview of the 5 day/week programme, course materials and equipment
• Photography – using a tripod
In this unit the learner will be able to use a tripod and camera and understand the associated health and safety issues.
• Journal and mindfulness 

Week 2 Developing skills in garden horticulture
• The aim of the unit is to enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of garden/allotment produce, they will know how to identify and control weeds. Understand how to propagate plants and be able to care and grow plants from seed.

Week 3 Sowing and growing techniques
• The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge of indoor and outdoor sowing and growing techniques and care of transplant seedlings and plants.

Week 4 Cultivating composts and soils
• Learners will understand compost and soil cultivation and associated techniques. The learner will also develop knowledge of different soil types and how to make and use them.

Week 5 Cultivating herbs
• In this unit the learner will develop an understanding of the use and selection of herbs. They will also be able to cultivate herbs.


If you’re at home, not quite ready for work, but want to “get back out there” this is the perfect first step. As a participant, our aim is to motivate, inspire, and most importantly, ensure you gain a sense of satisfaction and pride due to the responsibility of creating, building, and nurturing a garden. 

Our hope is that we’ll create a small win for the people who participate in this project, this will inspire the confidence to progress into further training and enter the job market as a direct consequence of your community achievements. 

On completion of this programme, you’ll be given the opportunity to become a community champion and progress on to mentoring the next cohort. There is also the opportunity to progress onto the following programmes

• Food and Mood the second to launch in the series
• Award in Education and Training if you would like to become a trainer and deliver your own project
• Mental Health First Aid 
• Further Horticultural qualifications


Do you have a passion for gardening and mental health? Are you a life coach that enjoys green spaces and would like to donate your time to a good cause? We’re looking for volunteers to help assist our tutors as they guide learners through this action-packed programme. Volunteers will need to be available 1 day per week to assist with gardening activities. Register your interest here.

We’re also excited to enrol learners that are keen to engage with their community through gardening projects. Register to enrol in our programme here.

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