The secrets to an attention-grabbing CV!

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What’s the first step to landing your dream job? Creating a stand-out CV of course!

If you don’t get noticed, then life changing opportunities will simply pass you by. We want to make sure that only the very best opportunities come knocking on your door so this week we focus our attention on making your CV more ATTENTION GRABBING with our latest CV top tips! Let’s begin!

1. Link it up!

Although less is more in about 99% of all circumstances that you encounter in life, trying to write about your personality, qualifications and history of experience to really WOW your future employer in as few words as possible is nothing short of totally and utterly impossible. But wait, here’s our hack!

Multi-functional CVs are the new in-thing and we totally see why! Similar to what you may already know as “the interactive pdf”, multi functional CVs are CV documents that include hyperlinks to help future employers build a well rounded picture of who you are with no page limits or spacing issues! What’s more, you can leverage content that already exists. For example you could include a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile for more interactive explanations of your experience and performance. Those skill endorsements and recommendations on your profile from past colleagues and line managers could come in REAL handy about now!

2. The devil is in the…. Data!

If you think data is on its way to ruling the world, you’re not far wrong. Including data in your CV may sound complicated but it’s actually easier than ever. All potential candidates will list their previous responsibilities, but few will actually support these with the figures which is crazy because data is your golden ticket to proving that you’re not all talk. Employers and recruiters alike love numbers because they add context and scope to the responsibilities of your role.

Here’s 3 data metrics you could reference to catch a future employer’s eye:

* Growth – “What did you bring to the business? How much revenue did you generate? How many new clients were you responsible for?”
* Reduction – “How much money and time did you save the business? What environmental efficiencies did you achieve?”
* Impact – “How many people have you assisted? How many teams have you been part of or led? How many clients have you managed?”

EXTRA TIP – Infographics are a great way to showcase your data in a concise and visually arresting way. Using icons can be a real show stopper to draw the reader’s attention to your current career achievement or key milestones.

3. Keep it moving!

CVs should never stand still. They should be a document that is continually updated as you progress through each phase of your life. So never see it as a finished piece because your story is only beginning!

It’s also key that you refrain from blanket send outs of the same CV to a million different employers and job roles. Whilst there’s always an appeal in taking the easy route, employers seek a more personal touch so by tailoring your CV to suit the specifics of the role and the company – they can immediately tell you care!

4. Give it a pop of colour!

Incorporating colour into your CV not only shows off your personality but it’s guaranteed to secure you a second look. As much as employers and recruiters try to be unbiased, you can’t help what your eyes are drawn to! But choose your colours wisely! Unless you’re applying for a highly creative role (for example, in the art or design industries), you probably want to avoid going overboard with big bold colours —as this can just detract from the true depth of your application. Little flourishes of colour (such as in your header or integrated within the format) can be a great way to ensure your CV is a welcomed break from ‘insert generic document’ but without being overbearing.

5. Make the first move!

So your content is written and your design is on point, your new CV is ready to make its debut, but where do you send it?

Sure you can apply for direct vacancies on employer websites but have you considered making the first move? You can do this by sharing it on Indeed, sending it to friends and family and proactively contacting companies you genuinely would like to work for. Even if they aren’t recruiting at the moment, you’ve taken control and given yourself the opportunity to make an entrance and introduce yourself. Your future is here for the taking so don’t be afraid to go after what you truly desire.

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