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Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach to training suited the needs of a modern-day business. More and more businesses are screaming out for training solutions that fit the needs of their company to future-proof their workforce – whether that be placing the right people into roles, strengthening retention rate or enhancing the company culture as a whole, training has a HUGE part to play.

A training solution that offers the personal touch to both the employer as well as the learner is without doubt the key to securing success. But finding a training solution like this is few and far between. Luckily, our latest range of tailored Traineeship programmes are cooking up a real storm in the Construction sector, so this week’s blog is dedicated to sharing our Traineeship success. We’re proud to be the only company in the North East to offer an opportunity of this kind so we hope it’ll open your eyes to the art of the possible when it comes to building up a bespoke training programme for the needs of your business.

So, what is RE:geon’s BUILD UP Construction programme?

Born through a desire to be a real game changer, our BUILD UP Construction programme is a fully funded scheme, dedicated to developing 16-18-year-old individuals in an urgent bid to combat nationwide skills shortages, fill employer staffing gaps and address record levels of unemployment in one, by resourcing young adults with the skills required to make them thrive in the UK Construction sector.

Why is there a need for this type of programme?

While many of the trainees who walk through RE:geon’s door already come with college level experience, time and time again these young adults have been faced with the same challenges of being unable to secure a job in Construction because they don’t possess the right work experience nor the cards required to access any kind of Construction site (let alone get their foot in the door with a reputable employer!). This creates an incredibly toxic environment where young adults remain unemployed, become increasingly frustrated and unhappy, where employers are exposed to vulnerabilities of staffing issues and are unable to scale or grow and where the industry as a whole becomes stagnant.

Why does this matter to your business?

Asides from fears of not being able to fill your resource gaps and grow, a major reason to engage with our Traineeships comes down to FOMO. Yes, we said it. FOMO. The fact is you could be missing out on some of the best future leaders and blue sky thinkers out there to future proof your business and steer a new direction for the Construction sector. If there was ever a call to do your bit as business, the time really is now!

How does the RE:geon Traineeship programme seek to solve this challenge?

We engage with employer partners up and down the country to help connect the dots between developing young individuals and successfully placing them into work. By collaborating with employers and tuning into their specific hiring needs, we devise completely bespoke traineeship programmes to ensure that the facilitation of work experience and welcoming trainees through their doors pays off on both sides!

What’s more, within just 6-8 short weeks of classroom learning combined with meaningful work experience and exposure to the top management of our employer companies, our trainees are provided with a complete 360 package to ensure that they complete the course with a well-rounded set of qualities to boost their employability appeal (as well as their confidence!). This includes but is not limited to:

  • Level 1 in Health & Safety
  • CSCS Card
  • Mindset Motivation Training
  • Top Tips to boost their CV, Presentations & Linkedin Profiles
  • Functional skills in Maths, English & Digital
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Full PPE including boots, goggles, hi-vis vests, and hard hats.

Our employer’s management team and the team here at RE:geon serve as a “traineeship review board” (otherwise known as ‘the dream team!) and together we monitor the trainees progress while on programme. At the end of the programme, we host a joint graduation day either held at our Training Centre or the employer premise where our learners present to the employer key highlights learned while on the programme and in true Dragon’s Den style pitch how they believe they can fit into their company and what roles they would be interested in applying for.

What does success look like with a Traineeship?

Taking one of our latest case studies as an example, we recently joined forces with a leading regeneration specialist who had identified resourcing gaps in the hiring and training of Apprentice Quantity Surveyors, Apprentice Site Managers, and Joiners. We worked closely with them to build a tailored Traineeship programme around their company’s future growth needs as well as embedding the company’s mission, vision, and values throughout the study programme to ensure that trainees could really immerse in the brand culture as much as the practical hands-on tasks.

Employer and employee fit is paramount to the measuring of our success because making people feel a sense of belonging is central to everything we do here at RE:geon. We were delighted with the results of working with our latest partner as our trainees fit seamlessly into the company culture, so much so that 5 trainees from the same cohort demonstrated ‘the right fit’ for the business and were able to be placed straight into full time employment off the back of completing the course – that’s a 67% success rate in our course conversion, a giant leap towards filling the growth needs of our employer partner and testament to the fact that the proof really is in the pudding!

We’re always on the lookout for employers in the Construction sector to join our pool of partners as we seek to make BIG changes together!

If you’re interested in becoming an employer partner and keen to find out more about how we can not only tailor a traineeship programme to the needs of your business but secure the necessary funding for it, then why not get in touch!

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