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As our 3rd cohort of aspiring young candidates are well underway with their new traineeship journey, we want to take the opportunity to give you the full 360 on what our Traineeships are all about. From understanding the benefits for both our learners and employers right through to sign ups and how to get involved, this blog is your ACCESS ALL AREAS to the BUILD UP programme!

LEARNERS… assemble!!!

Traineeship is the new buzz word these days. But what does it actually mean, how can you benefit from one and most importantly why is ours so different?

Well, a traineeship is a skills development programme that perfectly blends classroom style theory and learning with real-life work experience. Typically, a traineeship is open to anyone between the ages of 16-24 but lately we’ve been putting a real focus on the 19-24s of the North East. (You lucky bunch!)

A traineeship at Geon begins with a pre-screening process where we access your suitability for the course, as well as identifying where you’ll benefit most so that we can tailor the programme to you. From here we move swiftly into your Functional Skills Assessment to get to grips with where you are in your current learning journey.

Our aim, no matter where you currently sit with Functional Skills is to boost you up into a higher grade. How do we do this? Easy! We combine functional skills with your work experience module so everything is practically learned ‘on the job’. (Sorry classroom, you just don’t quite cut it on your own!)

Our BUILD UP programmes usually run for 6-8 weeks. This includes 4 weeks of training modules hosted at Geon’s training centre combined with 2-4 weeks of on-site work experience. But not all work experience is created equal. Our work experience is what we describe as ‘meaningful’. Yes, that’s right. No cuppa making or last-minute post runs in sight! You’re there to carry out key roles and responsibilities at the company you’re placed with in order to get a true understanding of what the industry looks like, and how the company you represent ‘does things’. Why is this important? Simple. By getting under the skin of the company you temporarily work for, it gives you a unique chance to leave a lasting impression and provides a real ‘in’ with a potential future employer – far beyond someone on the outside applying cold for any vacancies they’re advertising. Even if you don’t get a job proposal off the back of our traineeship course, your foot is firmly in the door with some seriously influential leaders in the field!

In our last cohort, we had a 70% success rate in Traineeship students being offered work placements!

So, what else makes our Traineeship so desirable? Well, we are proud to offer a programme that caters to all abilities. In both our first and second cohorts this year we’ve supported candidates on the spectrum of autism, and with varying degrees of deafness. Neither of which present any issue to the running of the course and the learner’s experience of the programme. Whether you need extra time or a seat closer to the front, at Geon, we’ve always got you covered!

At Geon, we welcome you in with open arms! From the minute you walk through the door, we’ll be there with a smile on our face and a refreshment in hand.

And even though the Traineeship programme inevitably comes to a close, our desire to put you where you want to be never does. If you are for whatever reason unsuccessful with a job offer at the end of the Traineeship then you’ll move straight into our after-care system, where we’ll actively seek to find you work through other opportunities and employer networks we have available.

EMPLOYERS… unite!!!

Whilst our learners will always remain at the heart of what the BUILD UP Traineeship is all about, helping employers to source and retain the best talent in the region is a key part of who Geon are, and what we love to be able to do on a daily basis!

If you collaborate with us on our Traineeship programme and offer hands-on work experience to our cohort of students, the benefits will flood in! Firstly, we can help to raise your business’ profile as a key partner on the programme, not just in your day-to-day practices but as part of your Social Value strategy – HOWEVER that’s only if you share our vision for tackling unemployment and placing young people in work. 

To us, respect must come from the top down as much as it does bottom up. We only work with like-minded employers who respect the journey our young people are on when starting their career pathway.  

Secondly, by hosting meaningful work experience, we’ll give you a chance to meet and engage with the next generation of skilled personnel. Enabling you the opportunity to identify the real decision makers and blue-sky thinkers that you’d like to grow with you as your company evolves. What’s more, our learners will be sure to add a fresh dimension to your business’ way of ‘doing things’ – to take you from being a good company, to a great one.

By being part of the BUILD UP programme, you’re doing your bit to help us champion a new movement for employers to change the way they operate and give young people REAL opportunities in the workplace.

Helping young individuals to gain insight into the variety of roles available within your company and industry sector is not only life changing for them, but it’s incredibly rewarding for you as an employer, as retention rates for anyone you take on as a result who has been made to feel valued and ‘invested in’ during the process will soar!

The best success stories we’ve seen so far in our Traineeship has been where our employer partners fully engage with the programme. The BUILD UP, as the name suggests is about being there from start to finish. From watching our learners walk in on Day 1 as shy individuals, to regularly checking in on them as the weeks evolve, all the way through to cheering them on at Graduation with a huge sense of pride at their transformations into mature, confident and highly employable candidates with nothing but bright futures before them.

Our passion through the BUILD UP traineeship programme is to promote a culture of excellence for both our learners and employers alike. If you take anything away from our blog we hope it’s this: Traineeships may be the new buzz word, but with all the benefits it brings, it’s a trend that certainly isn’t going out of fashion!

Think you’ve got what it takes?

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