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With the endless rail strikes and flight cancellations taking over the news, summer might not be looking as sunny as we’d first hoped! But fear not! We’re here to make this a summer to remember. Even if you don’t have a job at the moment, there are still plenty of ways that your summer can give you new experiences for your CV and expose you to career paths you may never have considered before.

First let’s start by taking a moment to reflect on where you are right now. Are you prepared to enter the workplace with confidence this year? Do you possess all of the knowledge, skills and experience you need to get the job you really want? Or are there gaps that currently prevent you from being the ideal candidate for your dream job?

If you’re still reading, then chances are there’s still a few gaps, so let’s get to work on filling them! Here we share five employability top tips that will be SURE to make your CV the perfect match with future employers! So move over Love Island, it’s time to leave the Villa and #UpskillYourSummer!

1. Sharpen up your Soft Skills.

With the constantly evolving nature of the workplace, soft skills (otherwise known as c-skills) are a must-have if you want to secure a solid career! Soft skills are interpersonal and behavioural skills that help you to work well with other people and develop your career. Unlike technical skills or “hard” skills which tend to be specific to a job role or profession, soft skills are applicable to any industry or role and can benefit you throughout your life. These include communication, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, collaboration, cooperation and caring (to name but a few).

Employers are always looking for evidence of your soft skills and having them can be a real game-changer for both you and your future employer. It can be the difference between excelling in a project and smashing your career goals or falling at the first hurdle.

2. Direct your Own Learning.

The ability to pick up new skills is essential and the willingness to learn new things has become an important quality employers look for when hiring new people. As learning is a lifelong journey, taking a self-directed approach to learning will highlight your dedication to growth, providing you with an opportunity to stay on top of industry trends, and develop your skills set and knowledge base for many years to come. Picking up new skills doesn’t have to be costly! There’s plenty of free skills you can acquire. From learning a new language through the DuoLingo app to getting creative on Canva, there’s so many things you can do when you put your mind to it. You could even try one of our FREE Traineeships! Check out Tip #5 to find out more!

3. Spruce up your CV.

Simply put, CVs are ‘you’ on paper. So it’s all about standing out, not standing still!

Your CV should be a document that is continually updated as you progress through each phase of your life. So never see it as a finished article because your story is only beginning! Always ensure your CV is presentable and professional looking – just as you would be in person when attending the interview. (If you’re struggling to lay it out nicely, try using a Template in Canva – there’s so many free ones to choose from).

It’s also key that you refrain from blanket send-outs of the same CV to a million different employers and job roles. Whilst there’s always an appeal in taking the easy route, employers seek a personal touch so by tailoring your CV to suit the specifics of the role and the company – they can immediately tell you care!

4. Volunteer for the Community

Volunteering is a great way to stand out to prospective employers, and can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall life satisfaction. Depending on what you decide to do, volunteering can help you to gain valuable insights about the industry you work for and get a feel for the industry you want to work in. In addition, by doing something worthwhile and giving back those who need it most, you will demonstrate great caring skills which link back to your soft skills and “c-skills set”.

Volunteering is a great talking point for any interview and can also present some interesting and challenging opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, which in turn can help you to enhance future job applications.

5. Seek Trusted Advice.

While seeking career advice from friends or family might be the more comfortable choice, it is important to recognise that career advisers are professionals who are trained to help you discover where your strengths and skills truly lie, and how you can establish a clear career path.

Here at RE:geon, we’re the experts in helping you to get to where you want to be and we’re only ever a phone call away. We offer a range of training courses to get you on the right path and help you strive for the career of your dreams.

One of our most popular courses at the moment is our BUILD UP Construction Programme.

The BUILD UP Construction Programme is a fully funded Traineeship, dedicated to developing young, ambitious individuals in an urgent bid to combat nationwide skills shortages, fill employer staffing gaps and address record levels of unemployment in one.

These courses have been designed to give you the full 360. So within just a few short weeks of classroom learning and hands-on work placements with our network of employer partners, you’ll walk away with everything you need to make an unforgettable first impression with your next employer! You may never have even considered Construction before, but with an 80% success rate in getting learners through to full time apprenticeships off the back of the BUILD UP, Construction really could be the new kid on your career block!

With our next BUILD UP set to land in the coming weeks, we’re empowering you to make this summer one to remember by expressing your interest to find out more! Simply click here for your next steps.

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