Upskilling your workforce – it’s all about the 3 R’s!

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When was the last time you invested in your team’s ongoing professional development?

We’re often faced with the excuse that continual professional development can be pricey, especially when you have a large workforce, and as a result CPD is not something maintained on a regular basis. Whilst this can be the case for some businesses, nothing can be more expensive than a high turnover of staff. This blog aims to provide you with all of the information you need to give upskilling your workforce the green light by honing in on our 3 R’s to business success…


The cost of employee turnover is increasingly high — as much as 2.5 times an employee’s salary depending on the role. Not to mention other “soft costs”: lowered productivity, decreased engagement, training costs and cultural impact.

Upskilling, or sometimes referred to as re-skilling, is a far more cost efficient solution to replacing staff which focuses on creating a more well-rounded, cross-trained workforce. In turn this increases overall team effectiveness and accelerates business performance. But it doesn’t just boost your bottom line, upskilling improves retention too, which is the first of our important 3 “R’s”.

Employees are your most valuable business asset so retaining top talent is key. Employees who have regular training and development opportunities are happier in their roles and have a brighter outlook on their future with the company. As a result they have a far greater chance of staying and growing with the company if they feel you truly care about them. It’s as simple as that, but often so forgotten.

Today’s world presents far more challenges in the workplace than we’ve had to deal with before. That’s why our Lean Management [link] and Mental Health [link] courses are geared up perfectly for addressing the need for a hybrid working environment, post-COVID.


We understand the importance of seeing positive ROI when it comes to investing in your staff. Upskilling is an increasing returns model; the longer someone’s with your company, the more productive they become over time. However, you have to look at it as a long game, and take steps to ensure you’re doing it right by making sure each employee is completely engaged with and part of the company’s ongoing success. By maximising opportunities for employees to develop their skills and careers, and committing to their CPD in the long term, you can also build a stronger talent pipeline to make sure your business is well positioned to overcome challenges and give yourself a real competitive edge to seize opportunities. Is future proofing your business not the ultimate ROI of all? Especially when you consider that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs globally could go unfilled because of skills gaps, the need to upskill now is more important than ever.


So we’ve learnt that upskilling improves employee retention and delivers long term ROI but did you know that employee retention actually starts right at the beginning with recruitment and pre-employment training. If an employee is trained correctly before they start their position you will also see a higher retention rate.

From the job adverts to screening applicants and choosing who to interview, identifying what aspects of culture and strategy you want to emphasize, and then seeking those out in your candidates – this all plays a huge role in the success of business, and another area we can support you in. We will work in partnership with your team and use our strengths to elevate and streamline your hiring process. We streamline your hiring process by alleviating the pain points currently felt with recruitment due to a lack of time and resources to support you with the onboarding and pre-employment training phases to place the right candidates into your business.

Whether it’s seasonal workforces or long term employees, we’re passionate about helping you find the sweet spot between what your business needs and what your employees need. Because quite often the two go hand in hand. Contact us today to find out more about upgrading your business success through our upskilling and recruitment services.

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