What are Green Jobs?

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The jobs market is constantly evolving and in the digitised, post-pandemic world we now live in, the pace has become even faster. Sustainability is top of the agenda when it comes to recruitment. Whether it’s Gen-Z calling out supply chain injustices on social media, millennials protesting about energy-inefficient workplace practices, or consumers simply looking for better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, it’s clear that businesses need to listen, respond and introduce more green jobs that truly serve our modern-day society. But what exactly are Green Jobs?

In this week’s blog we take a dive into what defines a green job, highlighting the importance of them, and explaining how you can bag yourself one through our new Route 2 Retrofit training. So let’s jump in!

By 2030, there could be 694,000 green jobs in the low-carbon and renewable energy sector across England. But what exactly are they?

Just like the job market as a whole, the concept of sustainability and what it means to you changes and evolves all the time. As a result, the term ‘green job’ has become a very broad and widely used term which can apply to pretty much any role that has a positive impact on the current or future environment. Because there is no official definition of  ‘green jobs’, this can become quite confusing when you’re looking to start a new career – especially when the term is used to describe so many different roles in so many different industries.

Based on our research at RE:geon Training, we believe that the best definition for “Green Jobs” are “roles that have a direct and positive impact on the planet. Roles that contribute towards reusing, reducing, recycling and repairing our resources to help in our transition to a more secure and sustainable economy.” These include jobs with environmentally-conscious certificates, such as those in energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles, conservation, sustainability, waste reduction and adaptation to / reduction in climate change.

Green Jobs aim to create healthier places to live, combat key problems like poverty and illness and promote social inclusion, so they are pretty awesome jobs to have!

Here are some examples… Tell us, how many have you heard of before?

  • Electrical Vehicle Technician – Maintains & Manages EV Parts & Charging Stations
  • Environmental Engineer – Developing Efficient & Cost Saving Renewable Technologies
  • Waste Worker – Keeping Our Communities Clean & Safe from Harmful Waste
  • Urban Planner – Designing Better Spaces for our Towns/Cities
  • Landscape Artist – Installing Green Walls to Buildings to Help Improve Air Quality
  • Conservation Officer – Preserves & Cares for Natural Habitats

As you can see, Green Jobs cover pretty much anything and everything! But what opportunities are there within Construction & Social Housing? Because they are two MAJOR industries in the North East of England. Well…. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s A LOT!

Delving deeper in the Construction & Social Housing sectors which are big within the North East (and two areas we specialise heavily in) EVEN MORE Green Jobs are emerging thanks to the concept of Retrofit.

What’s that? Well in short, Retrofit is the process of making a series of planned changes to an existing building, to improve the energy efficiency and overall well being of the building, as well as improving the quality of life for the people that reside there. You can read more about Retrofit in our other blog here

Here’s some of the Retrofit roles that employers within our region are actively seeking:

  • Retrofit Coordinator – Manages and Oversees the Retrofit project from start to finish
  • Retrofit Assessor – Conducts an assessment on the property to advise the Retrofit Coordinator and help them make the right choices
  • Retrofit Designer – An architect or design professional who decides what changes / energy efficient measures should take place and where they should go within a building
  • Retrofit Installer – The team who install the measures planned by the Retrofit Designer and the Retrofit Coordinator (the “do-ers”)
  • Retrofit Advisor – Provides independent advice to homeowners during the Retrofit process
  • Retrofit Evaluator – Should something not go as expected, the Retrofit Evaluator has the expertise to understand why a project may not have been completed as expected

With so much opportunity and so many new roles becoming available, it’s really worth getting excited about. Especially when the demand for these jobs are only going to get bigger! Did you know that the construction industry expects to create 350,000 new roles by 2028? These will include a mix of new skilled jobs and increased efficiencies in existing roles.

So to bag yourself a Green Job, how can you make your CV “Green-worthy”?

That’s where we come in!

Here at RE:geon we’ve made it our mission to train and develop as many people as we can in a bid to create a new army for the green revolution. And we want you as our latest recruit!!!

We are offering a new FULLY FUNDED (that means free!) “Route 2 Retrofit” programme to help individuals 19+ to make the move into the thriving Green Jobs market.

Route 2 Retrofit is a higher level learning programme, delivered over the course of 8–12-weeks. It’s specifically designed for individuals who are “work ready” but keen to upskill in Construction Green skills and learn more about the process of Retrofitting. The course includes a Level 2 Retrofit Qualification along with stacks of bespoke modules and added value to give you everything you need to stay ahead of the game as we turn to more sustainable methods within Construction & Social Housing.

We take an Employer-Led approach to the delivery of this Bootcamp. This means that our network of employers will be involved heavily in the design and delivery of the course to ensure you get the very best insights and experience that is on offer. For example, you may receive modules based on an employer’s brand culture, vision, mission and values. Why? Well because you’ve got a far better chance of getting your foot in the door with them if you fully understand the business.

The Route 2 Retrofit is suitable for both employed and currently unemployed learners who want to seriously raise their profile (and pay-packet!)

Keen to find out more & register your interest? Sure, just click here 

Still on Fence? There’s no need to be!

If you’re wondering if a Green Job is right for you, then the answer is YES! A Green Job can offer you A LOT of fulfilment in your career. Not only do they use the latest technology and innovation to make ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ more efficient – bringing out your real inner geek  – but they also provide you with a strong sense of purpose and pride in doing your bit to care and protect our planet – you know, the real warm and fuzzy stuff!

And whilst money isn’t everything, salaries in the Green Market tend to be higher than what you would expect to see in traditional Construction trades making them a very appealing choice. Especially in the current cost of living crisis.

To ask any questions or for some career advice, feel free to drop us a note at training@regeon.co.uk We’re always here to help!

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