What jobs can I get in Retrofit?

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We reveal the different roles in our fourth training pathway.

Did you know that in the next 2 years, we will need 80,000 Retrofit Workers in the North East alone to hit our Net Zero targets? Yikes, that’s a tall order. Reaching this goal isn’t going to be smooth sailing but it’s essential! That’s why we’re on a mission to train a NEW Green Army in all things Sustainability and Construction Green Skills to help us get there. But what makes a Retrofit Worker the right career path for you? Well, firstly it’s not a saturated market (yet). Retrofit still a relatively new concept, so by becoming an expert you could steal a real march on your competition. Better still, career progression and salary earnings can be HUGE due to the demand! Let’s delve deeper in this week’s blog!

Retrofit is the process of making a series of planned changes to an existing building, to improve the energy efficiency and overall well-being of the building. As well as enhance the quality of life for the people that reside there. It’s a movement that hundreds, if not thousands of employers within Construction are moving to, so getting skilled with the tools and know-how for carrying out Retrofit is going to make you a very desirable candidate for future work. The aim of retrofit within the Construction and Social Housing sector is to make an existing building’s EPC Rating, a Grade C or higher.

At RE:geon, we offer a Route 2 Retrofit Programme. This includes 4x specific pathways to help employees and subcontractors in the construction sector upskill themselves to execute retrofit activities within their job functions. You can check them out below:

There are 4 pathways to take when getting upskilled in retrofit for the construction industry. The perfect pathway for you depends on the career avenue you want to take:

  • Advisors – Best suited for teams that support the construction industry: Office staff, Customer Service, Educators, Sales, and Marketing.
  • Managers – MDs, C-Suite Executives, Site Managers, Project Managers, and Quantity Surveyors.
  • Installers and Tradespeople – The physical ‘do-ers’, whether it be Dryliners, Insulation Techs, Painters and Decorators, Bricklayers, Joiners, Plumbers, Electricians etc. (Not sure what some of these are, don’t worry, you can read more here: Link to Battle of Trades Blog)
  • Role Specific – This is our focus for today! This pathway focuses on the new Retrofit roles that have been created as a direct result of Retrofit’s specialist requirements and regulations. For example, a Retrofit Coordinator or Retrofit Assessor. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more!

Over recent weeks we have been shining a light on the first three pathways the ‘advisors,’ ‘managers’ and ‘Installers and Tradespeople.’

So, this week, it’s time to hone in on the ‘Role Specific’ Pathway and explore the roles that you could bag as a result.

You might have been following our blog for a while and heard us talking about PAS2030 and PAS2035. Now, you might be thinking, what is this again?

Let’s refresh your memory…

  • PAS2030 – Is a specification requirement for the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing dwellings and insulation in residential park homes for cavity walls and internal and external insulation.

However, it became evident very early on into the Retrofit movement that PAS2030 wasn’t being followed fully, meaning it was being abused and unmanaged by construction workers (booo!). So… PAS2035, the big brother of Retrofit regulation came to save the day! (Hooray!)

  • Enter… PAS2035 – To ensure PAS2030 was no longer abused, PAS2035 was developed to keep the sector compliant and ensure that the quality of Retrofit works remains at the highest at all times. A range of new career opportunities and job roles have been born as a result of this as we need the right people in place to measure the effectiveness of PAS2030 and ensure that everyone is following the framework correctly.

Now that we’ve recapped on PAS2030 and PAS2035, let’s get to the juicy bit. What new jobs are available within our Role Specific pathway…

In essence there are 6x types of specific Retrofit Roles:

Retrofit Assessor:

  • This role is critical in finding out exactly what measures need to be retrofitted to a house in order to get it up to the standard of EPC grade C or better. For simplicity, consider this role like a domestic energy assessor (EPC) assessor. However, you’ll need to hone in a lot more on the details and as opposed to just giving an EPC score. This role is perfectly suited for someone who loves going the extra mile and delivering above and beyond what’s needed in order to achieve the best outcome on the project.

Retrofit Designer:

  • In this role, you would be the creative brains behind the operation, putting together the information that determines the unique combination of EEM systems, product, materials and their interrelationships, to be installed in a building in order to achieve specified energy efficiency and other outcomes for that building. This would be passed to the Retrofit Coordinator and Installer to get to work on.  

Retrofit Coordinator:

  • Think of the Retrofit Coordinator as a Project Manager for the whole retrofit project. Their responsibility is to oversee the entire retrofit from start to finish, including the identification of energy measures for installation, risk assessment and coordination of all the work by qualified Retrofit professionals. If you like to juggle, this one’s for you!

Retrofit Advisor:

  • Within this role, you would act as a Junior Project Manager. Having excellent communication skills and delivering a high level of customer service is essential as you would be required to deliver consultations over the phone and via email. As well as providing customer support and advice to people and organisations going through (or considering) energy-efficient improvements to their buildings.

Retrofit Installer:

  • A Retrofit Installer is responsible for undertaking the physical placement of energy-efficient measures that are being placed in an existing building. In this role, you would be installing measures like residential envelope air sealing, HVAC duct sealing, windows and doors, mechanical ventilation, and carrying out roofing upgrades! All these physical processes can ultimately upcycle and better an existing building. So if you’re hands-on, and like to be active – this is a great one to get your teeth stuck into!

Retrofit Evaluator:

  • A Retrofit Evaluator is someone who is qualified to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of a retrofit project and provide feedback to the client and/or the project team. As an evaluator, you are instrumental in ensuring the work has been completed to a high standard and falls within all areas of legislation. So, if you like to delve into the detail and PAS2030 and 2035 interest you, this is a great career avenue to explore.

So, which one is for you? Go on, tell us!

We are working directly with a range of local North East employers to hit our regional target for 80,000 Retrofit workers by 2030. But we can’t do it without YOU!

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the Retrofit roles detailed above, then why not get in touch. Our friendly team of Learner Engagement Officers are just one click or call away from providing the next steps required. So come on, tell us about how you’d like to join the green revolution by emailing us at training@regeon.co.uk or 0191 466 1024.

We are going to be delivering and qualifying people up in these retrofit roles as part of our specialist bootcamps, watch this space!!

And while you wait, why check out some of the learners who have just completed the Route 2 Retrofit course with us:

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