What type of Retrofit Recruit are you?

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Now more than ever, sustainability is at the top of everybody’s priority list – especially when it comes to getting a job! More and more businesses are introducing green jobs into their recruitment needs, and it’s thought that by 2030 we’ll need 80,000 Retrofit Workers in the North East alone!

To get into the specifics, the term ‘green jobs’ can essentially be given to any job role, in any sector, that has a positive impact on the environment. Here at RE:geon, we’ve found that the best definition for describing these jobs, is “roles that have a direct and positive impact on the planet. Roles that contribute towards reusing, reducing, recycling and repairing our resources to help in our transition to a more secure and sustainable economy.”

Delving deeper, the ‘retrofit workers’ that businesses are so desperate to recruit for refer to a set of green jobs that are carried out within Construction and Social Housing. The process of retrofitting if you haven’t come across it before is to repair and ‘upgrade’ existing houses to make them more energy efficient. You’re not just doing a good thing for the planet, but for the people that live inside the houses too. Creating houses which improve air quality, are easier to heat and are cheaper to run.

The demand for Retrofit workers increases by the day, because the skills are so different to what you are taught within traditional Construction trades. What’s more, Retrofit is becoming a mandatory requirement if you want to start a new career in Construction so to ensure our pool of employers and eager candidates can be suitably matched, we have designed a series of Route 2 Retrofit bootcamps. Bootcamps which anyone over 19 years old and looking for a rewarding career can tap into. But before you take the leap, let’s consider what’s involved in the role of a Retrofit worker? At RE:geon, we consider retrofit workers as sitting within three buckets and we’re on the lookout to find the perfect recruits for each bucket.

So, ask yourself this… Are you an active person who likes to be hands-on with physical tasks? Or maybe more a leader who naturally gravitates to delegating and looking after a team? Or do you like to lose yourself in the details, embracing your inner geek at any opportunity to learn something new when it comes to processes and maybe even legislation? Knowing which bucket you fall into will help to determine the type of job role you would best suited for as a Retrofit Recruit! Let’s take a closer look….

If you are the type of person who’s very hands-on and likes to get stuck in with the task in hand, then, you’re definitely a ‘doer!’ The type of Retrofit job role that would suit you best is a Retrofit Installer or Technician. This role is extremely physical and active so would be perfect for someone who wants to throw themselves straight into it! A great example of this kind role and what it might entail can be found with our employer partner and Building Integrity contractor Fortify Solutions as an Insulation Technician.

Insulation Technician duties include working as part of a wider insulation team or pair to complete:

  • Cavity Extraction: Removal of existing failed or outdated cavity wall insulation using a system of high-pressured air jets and high-powered specialist extraction machinery. Working off scaffold and using a variety of power tools.
  • Cavity Installation: Refilling the cavities in blank or extracted walls with a superior material which offers greater heat retention within the property, saving tenants on energy bills.
  • Loft Insulation: Installation and or topping up of existing rolled loft insulation within domestic properties.

But it’s not about insulation! Oh no, you could be responsible for a whole host of the installations from windows and doors, to mechanical ventilation, and even roofing upgrades!

What if that’s too hands on? No problem… keep reading…

Ok, so maybe you’re the type of person who prefers to manage a team and delegate. You’re not bossy but you have a confident and authoritative energy about you. You’re a real people person who is outgoing and comfortable to chat to anybody. We’d place you in our ‘manager’ bucket. Looking at Retrofit, people within this bucket might want to consider roles such as a Retrofit Coordinator or Project Manager! In this position, you would be responsible for a team of ‘doers’. Together you would support your team in carrying out tasks such as assessing sites for domestic refurbishment, developing retrofit plans, and managing and monitoring other technical and project-related requirements. Being an inspirational leader is vital here as people within your team will always look up to you. We’ve got some great opportunities for this kind of job role with local employer Isoler.  

Keen to go even further?

Maybe you see yourself running your own business one day, and understanding the regulation and compliance around ‘why’ we do things is what truly makes you tick. Maybe you are intrigued by the PAS2035 framework, and enjoy delving in the detail that underpins it. If this sounds like your kind of thing then you’d thrive as an ‘advisor’. As a Retrofit Advisor or Assessor, you are the brains behind the operation. You know what you can, and what you can’t do in accordance to the latest regulatory frameworks. You’re ahead of the curve at all times, and never miss a trick when it comes to those confusing compliance clauses! You’re someone your team can always rely on and someone people truly value.

Once you’ve figured out which bucket you sit in, then you can easily drill down into which type of Retrofit role is best suited to you. Here at RE:geon we offer Retrofit programmes and career opportunities to suit all ‘buckets’ and ‘Retrofit pathways’ because we understand that everyone is different, so there really is something here for YOU.

We are on a mission to train a new green army to hit our regional target for 80,000 Retrofit workers. We work directly with employers from all around the region who are actively recruiting ambitious individuals just like you to join their team. With their help, we’ve got everything you need to kick start your career and our friendly team of Learner Engagement Officers are just one click or call away from providing the next steps required.

So come on, tell us which Retrofit Recruit you are by emailing us at training@regeon.co.uk

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