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It might sound crazy, but defining our company’s core values has transformed our business. (Yep. Literally. Transformed.) Here’s how.

There’s no denying that over the past 4 years We’ve gone from strength to strength as a business, but we’ll be honest in saying that we never truly stopped to understand what our values are, and what they truly mean to us until now. As you know, our last blog of 2021 was dedicated to walking you through the process that saw us discover our core values, both professionally and personally, taking huge inspiration from Brené Brown’s book and podcast series Dare to Lead.

So, what did we come up with?

Our first value is “Nurture”

When you nurture a person or a thing, you care for it, protect it and help it to grow. It’s the very nature and essence of what we do here at Geon. We devote our 9-5’s (or let’s face it our 24/7’s) to nurturing our learners, and their own individual journeys as they surf the sea of courses, traineeships and career opportunities that we offer. 

We nurture our communities by simply doing our job. Working hard to tackle record highs of unemployment and combatting major skills shortages in key sectors like Construction. All by enriching the lives of young people in the North East. Removing previous stigmas and giving them a fighting chance, regardless of what it currently says (or doesn’t say) on their CV. 

Whether internal or external, we work hard to celebrate those who want to improve their lives. Those who want to dedicate large chunks of their time to finding new ways to self-develop and move forward. It’s never been about standing still at Geon, progression would have most certainly been our middle name (if we’d of had one). 

It’s this continual movement and progression that gives us the courage and the confidence to lead by example. To set new standards and to push beyond the barriers that the education, training and development systems currently face. We nurture what’s right, and we work hard to overcome what’s wrong. It’s as simple as that. 

Our commitment to ‘green’ and the development of our new Lean Programme for businesses emphasizes the importance of nurturing the world around us, as we help to educate and enrich minds with the power of sustainability. 

We nurture people and we nurture ‘things’. Quite simply because we care. It’s something we are all incredibly proud of. 

Nurturing always leads to “Growth”

At Geon we welcome constructive feedback to reflect, develop and build authentic relationships with our learners, clients and partners alike.

By not being afraid to lean into the ever-changing challenges that life presents us with, and by stretching our minds to be open to new ideas and opportunities, we not only create better versions of ourselves, but of others around us. 

No matter what cards we are dealt, we recognise the gift born from growth. We use this gift every single day to inspire both our learners and our partners in how they conduct themselves as well as their business. From the highs of successfully gaining new skills and securing work to the lows of skills gaps and staffing problems, riding the waves of recruitment and training is all about growth. It’s about choosing courage over comfort to allow you to anchor your focus and move you away from unwanted and emotionally charged reactions. 

The ability to nurture and grow in this way has been a huge foundation for our success. It’s enabled us to ‘BUILD UP’ and scale up a strong network of like-minded people. From employees to learners, partners and wider stakeholders. We are surrounded by people who share our vision for a brighter future. All of whom truly believe that to achieve that, it must start from within. 

We are nothing without “Integrity”

Integrity means having “wholeness” of character, just as an integer is a “whole number” with no fractions (if you’re a maths person!). Too often our industry has been tarnished by lack of integrity and wholeness where the glaze of pound signs and the obsession for “bums on seats” trumps the authenticity of the learner journey and customer experience. It’s in this lack of integrity where our love for this value beats even stronger. 

Geon was born through a desire to make a difference to people’s lives in a positive way. And we’ve always set out to achieve that by doing the right thing for the people and communities we serve. But how do we actually do that? Well, by taking a complete 360 approach to our business and operations. That’s how! 

In our business nothing is ever viewed in isolation. We consider every stage of the Geon journey, no matter who you are and where in the journey you begin to ensure that every touchpoint aligns with our value of Integrity. It’s about helping you get to where you want to be through honest and true experiences. Through mutual respect and complete trustworthiness. 

We may be known for our incredible range of courses and newly launched traineeships but what really gets us remembered is our respect for others and above all, our respect for ourselves. 

The Power of being “Diverse”

Having diverse perspectives is vital to foster a culture of innovation and success. In our business, we demonstrate a great deal of diversity. From actively championing the representation of different sexual orientations, genders, disabilities, beliefs and cultures, to acknowledging and respecting different opinions and perspectives, variety is a HUGE part about what makes Geon who we are.

We recognise that creating an inclusive environment is the action that directly supports diversity. When a team is truly diverse, it becomes unique – a group from which original ideas flow in abundance. Only a group of people looking at the same problem from different angles can come up with a truly unique and innovative solution. That’s why what we do is so great! ????

Our company values are more than just words on a wall. Our values are our North Star, guiding us through every interaction, experience and encounter we face on a daily basis. They give us hope and they give us belief. Belief that we really are making a difference. 

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