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“Build bridges, not walls,” is a popular saying but it’s easier said than done when it comes to your competitors. From the local businesses in your hometown to the big players that dominate the industry: it is all about having the newer solutions, better products and a greater reach.

But to achieve greater reach and lift barriers to develop more efficient markets, co-operation between competitors is key. Figuratively speaking, the best way to connect two rivalling camps and cut a long or even impassable journey short is to build a bridge. So here, as we stand eagerly with our bricks and cement at the ready, we extend our arms to fellow Training Providers across the North East! Hey guys! We need YOU!

As you know, training providers bid for access to a variety of different funding streams –but not all funding streams are created equal! Each stream is filled to the brim with specific criteria sets, ranging from candidate age, location, employment and education status. So, what happens if someone outside of your funding criteria reaches out to you for help? Do you just let their needs fall by the wayside because your funding can’t help them? We say no!

At Geon, we believe that to address major skills shortages across key sectors like Construction and lower the unemployment rates across the board in our region, we have to work TOGETHER as an industry to successfully place people into full-time employment. Because in areas that we may, or may not have funding, you might, so together we can plug the gaps –channeling a smarter, more efficient way of working.

The Power of Collaboration

Our recent partnership with Karbon Homes demonstrates the power of collaboration in this way as we are both using our funding streams to support those within the Byker Community.

On the 9th November, we featured at Karbon’s ‘Reach your Full Potential’ event. An event that Karbon hosted to enable local residents the chance to meet a variety of employment advisors. Representing one corner of the tent, Team Geon promoted the benefits of our latest Traineeships in Construction & Business Admin which are specifically geared towards 19–24-year-olds who are currently unemployed and keen to embark on a new career.

Have you come across anyone in your network who could benefit?

Our Traineeships perfectly blend classroom learning with meaningful work experience. Spread over 6-8 weeks, our trainees remain firmly in the driver’s seat as they determine the routes and roles they wish to explore through bespoke modules and are provided with the full360 to ensure that upon completion they can walk away with a well-rounded set of qualities to boost their employability (as well as their confidence!). For example, our Construction traineeship includes:

  • Level 1 in Health & Safety
  • Free CSCS Card
  • Mindset Motivation Training
  • Top Tips to boost their CV, Presentations & LinkedIn Profiles
  • Functional Skills in Maths, English & Digital
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Full PPE including boots, goggles, hi-vis vests, and hard hats

If you’re a like-minded training company that shares our values for openness and collaboration and has a genuine interest in putting learners’ futures first then let’s connect!

We’d love to know what funding streams you have available to see if we have anyone in our network who currently fits the bill! Contact us today!

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