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It may sound cliché, but you don’t often see the best things in life coming your way. You know why? Because you’re often too busy looking in at what everyone else has got, so some of the most life-changing experiences for your career simply pass you by, that’s why. 

We get it. Being unemployed as a young adult can be incredibly tough, in fact let’s not beat around the bush, it’s ****!! Especially when it seems like everyone in your newsfeed has it “all worked out”.

Why is it so easy for them? How did they land a job so good? You could turn yourself stir crazy trying to come up with the answers. The truth is, thinking in this way achieves nothing more than turning you into a complete career-blocker. Limiting what you FEEL you’d be good at and changing HOW you approach certain career paths.

This is your daily reminder that you don’t need to have IT all worked out. You just need to be willing to give IT a go!

At Geon, we’re proud to say we don’t do comparisons. We banish negative thinking, knock outdated stereotypes on the head and kick preconceived ideas out of the park. Instead, we spend 100% of our time opening your eyes to the art of the possible. After all, it isn’t about what lane everyone else is in, your career deserves its own path!

So how do we stop you focussing on everyone else and open your eyes to the world around you to help you shape your own future? Well, that’s easy! Through our new Traineeship Programmes!

Available for 19–24-year-olds who are currently unemployed and in the North of Tyne Area, our Traineeships are designed to give you the freedom, flexibility and the potential finances to explore a sea of career options around. Consider this your new career calling!

Here’s a run-down on the latest Traineeship programmes available:

Programme 1: Business Admin Traineeship

Keeping a business running smoothly comes down to a slick admin operation. Jam packed with real work experience across a range of key business functions, our Business Admin Traineeship is your golden opportunity to dip your toe in the waters of all things Marketing, Social Media, Payroll, Compliance, Sales, Customer Service, Recruiting, CRM Systems, and much more.

This traineeship is delivered over 4-6 weeks, with a mix of engaging classroom training and hands-on work placement within some of the best companies in the North East. You’ll not only gain transferable skills to take with you wherever you go, you’ll also get the chance to meet some influential Directors and Managers who will deliver some of your bespoke training modules. Enabling you to firmly get your foot in the door for the future and make an awesome impression.

Team Geon will also provide all learners with an IAG qualification and customised CPD Units based on your interests as a thank you for all of your hard work and participation in this traineeship.

Make yourself indispensable to any business! Click here to enrol in The Business Admin Traineeship Programme today!

Programme 2: Access into Construction (Online)

The construction industry is BOOMING and seeking skilled professionals – could you be their next? Getting access into the world of Construction is easy. All you need is a CSCS card! On this programme you’ll gain your L1 Health and Safety certificate along with your CSCS Card free of charge. The BEST PART? This programme is part time and can be done from the comfort of your own home, fitting in flexibly around any other commitments you may have.

Our Access into Construction introduces you to the hundreds of career opportunities that the Construction industry has to offer and shows just why it’s one of the most rewarding and popular sectors to work in. Whether it’s a blue colour role like Bricklaying or Joinery that catches your eye or white colour roles like Quantity Surveying or Customer Liaison that grabs your attention, this programme sets you up perfectly to progress into a trade apprenticeship if this is something you want to explore.

Get all the tools you need to Access into Construction. Click here to enrol today.

Programme 3: The Build Up Construction Traineeship Programme

While our part-time CSCS programme allows you to dip your toes into the construction world, our Build Up Construction Traineeship Programme is a bigger commitment, packed to the brim with qualifications and a variety of trades work placements. When your 6-8 week programme is complete, here’s what you’ll have achieved:

  • Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction Environment
  • ​NOCN Level l Construction Skills 
  • ​Practical work preparation in the construction sector 
  • ​Employability Skills including CV writing, job search, interview prep and getting job ready 
  • ​Mindset, confidence building, positive mental health & wellness 
  • ​Support with English and Maths 
  • ​Guaranteed interviews at the end of the programme to open doors into the trades

Think you’ve got what it takes? Click here to enrol in The Build Up Construction Traineeship Programme.

We’re enrolling for all 3 programmes on October 21st at our training centre in Clavering House at 10:00 am. The start date is October 25th. Register your interest by calling our team at 0191 466 1024 or drop us a DM on social.

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