About Us

As a subsidiary of the RE:GEN Group, the RE:GEN Academy is an employer-led skills provider, dedicated to helping the region combat major skills shortages.

Who are we?

We are an employer-led skills provider. Committed to raising the bar when it comes to people development, inclusion and growth.

We collaborate with businesses throughout the North East Construction Industry to help them upskill, reskill and bring new skills into their business. We recognise that everyone’s learning journey is different but we offer a clear, structured and sustainable pathway for success.

Despite our name, we’re not just here to feed the needs of our business, our passion is on future-proofing the legacy of yours.

What is our key point of difference?

We are truly employer-led.

Many skills providers claim to be employer-led but few actually are.

As a leading employer and principal contractor, we have the power to not only bang the drum of change within our supply chain (and beyond), but to be the driving force who can actually deliver on what our industry needs most – the provision of high quality skills to meet Governmental targets !

Our mission is to help businesses throughout the North East upskill, reskill and generate new skills to future-proof their workforces. We want to use the provision of high quality skills as a way to create more opportunities for innovation, inclusion and growth within the Construction industry.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of driving real change within our industry. We understand that businesses are under immense pressure to meet a range of Governmental targets so we want to alleviate the pain of choosing the right people to have in the boat with you. At RE:GEN, we always deliver on our promises. Nurturing new talent in a bid to combat skills shortages is no exception.

Meet The Team

Our passion is our people, it’s as simple as that. Our team comprises a range of highly skilled, down to earth and fun-loving human beings who come to work wearing a smile (and know a thing or two about your recruitment and training needs!).

Tom Lamb

Managing Director

Cheryl Sutherland

Director of Operations

Amy Phillips

Senior Skills and Funding Manager

Jamie Jakubowski

Construction Tutor

Bethany McNaught

Learner Engagement Officer

Kaylé Hope

Employability Tutor

Nicole Fenwick

Training & Compliance Manager

Lyndsey Martin

Learner Engagement Officer

Our Values

We're Dynamic

We continually innovate, adapt and overcome to ensure that we are prepared to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We Care

We put people at the heart of everything we do to provide a positive, consistent and stress-free experience.

We Challenge the Norm

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, pushing beyond the ordinary to exceed the greatest of expectations.

We're Trusted

Delivering our promises time after time ensures that we are the trusted partner for your needs. With RE:GEN you can always rely on us!

Our Partners