Creating a buzz around Green Careers

We want to raise visibility of “green jobs” to meet the skills gap and secure the talent for a cleaner and greener future.

The RE:geon Green Hive Careers Day has been developed to create a buzz around Green Skills in the North East specifically within the Construction and Social Housing. We know that there is a serious demand and increasing skills gap for Green qualified and skilled workers across in the region so by hosting an event of this kind, we hope to connect local employers with new and emerging talent to find out more about one another as well as the opportunities that lay on the horizon.

So, what are Green Jobs?

A green career falls under any job, role or occupation that contributes to helping preserve the environment and our planet. These green careers are growing super-fast within the global employment sector. Meaning everyone is required to work together to build a talent pool fromschools through to employment for the thousands of jobs and roles needed for the future.

Green careers reach into every aspect of our lives and offer young people an exciting array of
opportunities. There are green careers and green skills suitable for everyone.

Why is the Green Hive Careers Day so important?

In 2020 we had fewer than 1,000 employees in the North East specialising in Construction Green Skills. To reach our Net Zero targets by 2030 we need closer to 80,000 employees. How are we going to get there? Education. Engagement and uniting as one.

The Challenge? Recent data reveals that young people across the nation, but specifically within the North East have little awareness of green and renewable careers. For example, only two out of 575 year 11 students interviewed were planning a career in Clean Energy, Low Carbon and Hydrogen related professions.

We’re here to change that!

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