Future-proofing your workforce

The smarter way to combat the construction skills crisis and bring new talent into your business! 

Why does my business need to attract new talent?

As major regeneration projects and housing initiatives loom on the horizon, the region faces the daunting challenge of ensuring a capable workforce. With the emergence of retrofit and Net Zero targets, comes further stretches on the availability of skills.

One of the most profound challenges experienced by the North East construction sector is ‘our’ ageing workforce. Over the past decade, we have a staggering 61,000 fewer workers aged 16-54, so the industry is increasingly reliant on individuals aged 55-64, who now constitute the largest demographic. Compounding this issue is the demographic makeup of the North East LEP area, which in comparison to other regions, holds a higher proportion of second and third generation workers in the 50-64 and 65+ age brackets. This demographic shift, coupled with projected population stagnation, paints a worrying picture of how our future workforce will look. It presents an age gap, that if we continue to do nothing, will grow ever wider.

Despite the demand for green jobs like retrofitting, evidenced by the need for 8,799 such jobs by 2050, younger generations are not entering these fields at the rate required. Identified by the fact that the average age of a retrofit learner is currently 35. In most cases, this is down to insufficient education and awareness of these emerging roles, with little-to-no storytelling around the career benefits and progression options that can be brought by transferrable skills. That’s where we come in! 

Not only does our region have a lack of individuals entering the construction employment market, but we have the lowest percentage of 16–64-year-olds qualified to L4 and above, and the highest percentage with low or no qualifications at all. So even if people wanted to, the capabilities and skills do not meet demand.

Addressing these challenges by driving a scalable solution that delivers high-quality training and enables the nurturing of transferable skills, particularly among younger generations is essential to ensure the stability and longevity of the North East construction sector. Enter the RE:GEN Academy. 

What are the benefits of collaborating with us?

Designed to directly combat the skills shortages in construction and bring new entrants into the market, Skills Bootcamps are a fantastic, fully funded solution, delivered by RE:GEN Academy to fast-track new skills into your business, at zero cost to the employer. 

How does it work?

Through the delivery of high quality Skills Bootcamps we provide bespoke pre-employment training for a variety of trainee vacancies that you require. Skills Bootcamps include the perfect blend of:

What are the benefits of collaborating with us?

Our bootcamps are fully funded:

Our in house team will support you throughout the full application process, ensuring that you don’t pay a penny for the training of new trainees and apprentices.

We design bootcamps bespoke to your business:

We tailor all programmes to the exact needs of your business. We also take care of all pre-selection, onboarding and aftercare services to make integrating new talent into your business easier than ever before.

We are truly employer-led:

Many skills providers claim to be employer-led but few actually are. By being part of the RE:GEN Group, we offer unique insights into retrofit and regeneration to benefit both the employer and prospective trainees.

We care:

Despite our name, we’re not just here to feed the needs of our business, our passion is on future-proofing the legacy of yours.

The process is simple….


We’ll work with you to understand your trainee or apprenticeship vacancy needs and the pre-employment skills that are required.


Next, we design a bespoke Skills Bootcamp with you to meet your pre-employment requirements and align with your business culture.


We’ll advertise and enrol a cohort of qualified learners onto the programme and run the 14-day Skills Bootcamp for you.


Finally, we host interviews and a graduation, with the aim to fill your vacancy need with a newly upskilled learner.


we achieved 100% progression into employment in our latest cohort, fulfilling all vacancy needs and career aspirations.

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